23 Letters and 13 Shots

23 Letters and 13 Shots

After my teacher told me about this trip in April of this year, my dream was to go to Rwanda with a group of my friends and teachers where we would ride our bikes and visit orphanages. When I originally proposed the idea to my parents they told me that this year we weren’t financially able to afford this trip to Rwanda. I decided to write a letter to all of my family and friends asking for support. I ended up sending out 23 letters and within one week after they went out, people started to respond. By the end of June I had all the money I needed for the trip and more – even enough to cover all of the vaccinations I was going to need (my parents had decided against most vaccinations when I was a child but we were told Africa was too dangerous to take this risk – I ended up getting 13 different shots!). But I was going to Rwanda!

What do you think of vaccinations? Were you vaccinated? Did you give your kids vaccinations? If not, why not?

Eliana Schiffer

13 year old Eliana Schiffer from Santa Barbara, California went on a 3 week bike ride this summer in Rwanda with her teacher’s family and 6 other students from Santa Barbara Middle School.

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