10 Quick Self Care Tips for Busy Mamas

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you’ve heard the emergency preparedness speech that tells adults to place the oxygen mask on themselves before helping children. It may go against all parental instincts, but it’s a vivid example of how important self-care really is. If you haven’t taken care of yourself, you’re not going to be as capable of caring for others.

We need to pamper and revitalize ourselves, especially when our children are very young and very needy. Ironically, it’s one of the hardest things to find the time and energy to do. Moms are often plagued by the internal battle of wanting to take personal time, but feeling a sense of obligation and guilt whenever the opportunity arises. Deep down, though, we all know that we need the time to refresh and that it makes us better, happier parents. The biggest obstacle is usually time, so here are 10 quick ways to regroup and renew in a pinch:

Got 30 minutes? Let your partner or even a neighbor take over while the baby’s napping, so you can take a little breather.

1. Take a walk. Head to a park, beach, or even just go around the block. Grab some fresh air and sunshine, get your exercise, and just let your mind wander.

2. Indulge yourself. Take a warm bath, do some yoga, get a quick pedicure, or sit and meditate.

3. Have a treat. Grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and a special snack, find a quiet place and read, write, draw, or just enjoy your favorite music.

Got 15 minutes? Even when you’re on the go, doing drop-offs or pick-ups, you can fit in a moment of peace.

4. Head outside and soak up 15 minutes of warm sun on your face or stretch and breathe.

5. Call a friend and have an adult conversation about anything other than kids.

6. Brew a hot cup of tea and sit and sip it.

Need a 5 minute fix? Refresh in a flash:

7. Enjoy a bite of the most delicious, organic, fair trade chocolate you can find and savor it.

8. Pull out some essential oils and smell the aroma – try lemon for a quick pick up or lavender for calming.

9. Put on your favorite song and turn the volume up. Sing as loud as you can.

10. Write a gratitude list – jot down 10 things you are grateful for today.

Even the simplest actions can help us renew and come back to parenting with a fresher, calmer perspective!

What are your tips for self care?

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Published on: September 27, 2012
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Nancy Massotto is the Founder and Executive Director of the Holistic Moms Network and mother to two boys. She founded the Holistic Moms Network to meet other parents who shared her passions for living healthy and living sustainably, and to help raise awareness about natural living options.

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