Guest Posts

Our invited Guest Bloggers share their Perspective on children's health and parenting. Their view point may be different than Dr. Greene's, but each guest has a valuable view point. Well worth reading!

    Group of teens posing for a selfie on the steps o a building. Posting selfies is part of teen social media behavior.
    By: Bob Hand September 5, 2017 0 Comments
    Social Media Behavior: It’s Time to Talk with Your Teen

    Most parents understand the importance of discussing online safety and security with their children, but may not understand how regular social media use can have a negative impact on mental well-being…

    Partial Eclipse
    By: Howard Schiffer August 21, 2017 0 Comments
    Why I Believe in The Eclipse

    The Eclipse is doing what no politician, political party, media, or leadership has been able to do – it’s bringing people together. It’s crossing blue states and red states with no parti…

    Kitchen sink with water running. Drink tap water to save on plastic waste!
    By: Molly Connell August 1, 2017 0 Comments
    Make a positive change – Drink tap water!

    When you have a child, you look at the world in a different way. Many parents understand, often for the first time, what they do can use up our finite resourses or preserve them for future generations…

    By: Naomi Shaw July 25, 2017 0 Comments
    Pamper Your Children — The Right Way

    Most parents have vivid memories of their children having a fit if they didn’t get what they wanted. If you are lucky enough not to have this memory, you’ve probably encountered other peop…

    Brain shaped ice cream melting on an iPad. Avoid summer brain drain!
    By: Chris Imperios July 10, 2017 0 Comments
    How to Make Sure Your Kids Avoid Summer Brain Drain

    Summer is a great time for your kids to let go of school stress and have fun, but these warm weather months can also cause learning loss. The excitement of summer can quickly give way to boredom, and …

    Lifeguard tower on a sunny beach. You need safer sun protection.
    By: Amanda Queen July 3, 2017 0 Comments
    Safer Sun Protection

    Happy SUMMER! How can you not fall in love with the long warm days and relaxed fun of summer?! It’s a beautiful time of year, and perfect for outdoor family fun. These days, we all know the impo…

    Launching a memorial balloon.
    By: Diane Ingram Fromme June 26, 2017 0 Comments
    Tap Your Loss Experiences to Help Children Grieve

    Remembrances and sometimes regrets come along with the loss of a loved one. It’s been years since my parents passed away, and questions still runs through my mind: Did I make the most of my time…

    Kids and pets go together. Can pets make for better-behave children?
    By: Naomi Shaw June 19, 2017 0 Comments
    Better-Behaved Children: Can Pets Make a Difference?

    Parents choose to acquire a pet for their children for a variety reasons. Sometimes it’s so they’ll simply have a companion, other times it may be to teach them important lessons about res…

    Teenage boy juggling balls.
    By: Sally Loughridge PhD June 13, 2017 0 Comments
    Caring for Healthy and Ill Children During a Pediatric Health Crisis—A Parental Juggling Act

    Imagine in the air, above your outstretched hands, there is a flurry of juggling pins—orange for work, green for children, blue for relationships, yellow for household, and more. Can you keep all th…

    The Teen (Prescription) Drug Problem
    By: Tyler Jacobson June 5, 2017 1 Comments
    The Teen (Prescription) Drug Problem

    Parents worry. We just do, but there are a few times that cause us to worry more than normal. High on that list – teenage parties. Even though we trust your teen to make the right choices, we may st…

    Child developing handwriting skills.
    By: Maureen Kilgore May 28, 2017 0 Comments
    Developing Handwriting Skills: When do children learn to write?

    From the moment your baby was conceived you dreamed of what they would look like, of them talking, walking, what they might be like when they grew up. The toddler years are a magical time as you watch…

    Parent reading aloud to a chld.
    By: Naomi Shaw May 17, 2017 0 Comments
    Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Child

    Ensuring kids read for 20 minutes each night has become an ingrained habit for most parents. But there are nights when kids just have no desire to crack open a book. Maybe they’re sick. Or tired…

    Toddler playing ball on the grass. Fun springtime outdoor activities for kids.
    By: Naomi Shaw May 1, 2017 0 Comments
    Fun Springtime Outdoor Activities to Help Your Child Develop Motor Skills

    Children are naturally adventurous and love to get out and explore, so you won’t have to push and prod them to go outside and engage in some fun activities now that the weather’s warming u…

    Open book with the word "focus" in focus and the rest of the page out of focus. Homework break ticket - photo by Romain Vignes
    By: Maureen Kilgore April 17, 2017 0 Comments
    Using “Homework Break Tickets” to Take a Break from Homework Wars!

    For many families elementary school homework means tears are shed — by both the parents and the kids. My son, who is now an “A” student, found first grade homework so hard. He found …

    Sleepy teen -- they need more than you think.
    By: Michael Brues April 9, 2017 0 Comments
    Teens Need More Sleep Than You Think

    The life of today’s teenager is busy and in constant flux. They have increasing responsibilities at school and at home, their social lives are expanding, their independence is growing, and they&…

    Child with whimsical chalk artwork in the background. Nitght-time toilet training strategies help kids have better days!
    By: Karen Radford April 3, 2017 2 Comments
    Prepare for Success: Night-time Toilet Training Strategies with a Bedwetting Alarm

    Preparing your child to use a bedwetting alarm is often the key to success. Familiarising them with how the alarm works and then training them to use it beforehand prepares them well for the night-tim…

    Person outside in wheelchair. Disabilities exercise.
    By: Donna Fitzgerald March 20, 2017 0 Comments
    Exercise Tips for People With Disabilities

    Exercise. Everyone needs it. Not everyone loves it, at least not at first. And for people with disabilities, getting enough exercise can be a goal fraught with unique challenges. Gym equipment, for ex…

    Child painting. Many children have learning differences.
    By: Mary Stewart-Oliver March 13, 2017 0 Comments
    Students with Learning Differences: Six Ways Targeted Interventions Can Yield Success

    Students with learning differences have shown to achieve greater academic success through targeted educational intervention, which requires extensive evaluations of each student. In school districts w…

    Baby sleeping in a bright room. Sleep daylight saving time.
    By: Deb Herdman March 10, 2017 0 Comments
    Daylight Saving…friend or foe?

    Spring see’s the return of Daylight Saving, and after a long cold winter and short days, you’ll likely be making plans on how you will fill those extra hours of daylight, when the kids are…

    Elderly woman staring into the distance. Why You Should Visit the Doctor with an Elderly Loved One
    By: Donna Fitzgerald February 27, 2017 0 Comments
    Why You Should Visit the Doctor with an Elderly Loved One

    Whether you are your elderly loved one’s caretaker or just want to make sure that your parent or grandparent is healthy, there are benefits to accompanying him or her to the doctor. Even if your…