Stacie Billis

Stacie Billis

Stacie Billis is a child development specialist, family food expert, and the voice behind award-winning site One Hungry Mama where she serves up easy tips and healthy recipes for the family kitchen. A Brooklyn-based mom of two, Stacie also works works with private clients to help parents fit healthy eating into their busy lives. Through her practice, Stacie has helped parents across the country turn a desire to feed their children more healthfully into a reality regardless of budget, cooking skill or, even, schedule.

A leading voice in the conversation about family food, Stacie brings a unique perspective thanks to her MA in Child Development from Teacher’s College, Columbia University and experience developing ChowBaby Foods, an organic family food brand. Stacie lends her voice to the Huffington Post and Cool Mom Picks, where she is a regular contributor. Her work has also been featured in publications including Parents magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, Daily Candy Kids, Baby Center, and Babble, to name just a few.

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