Spela Gorenc Jazbec

Spela Gorenc Jazbec

Spela Gorenc Jazbec is mum to a four-year old girl named Pia and a seven-month-old boy named Tim, who are currently the biggest challenge and joy both for Spela and her husband. They live in Slovenia, a small country in the middle of Europe.

Spela Gorenc Jazbec received a diploma in physical therapy and became a developmental neurological therapist. Currently on a maternity leave, Spela is employed at a developmental outpatient clinic, where she works with babies and children suffering from developmental disorders.

Spela Gorenc Jazbec is also the author of the manual Correct Baby Handling and Correct Choice of Appropriate Equipment and Accessories and the baby-handling.com/engwebsite. (Now also on Facebook).

Spela Gorenc Jazbec's goal is to raise awareness about correct baby handling and thus improve the quality of motor development for as many babies and children as possible.



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