Robin Organ

Robin Organ

Robin Organ founded greenschools in response to a clear need in schools/communities seeking help in creating sustainable and healthy environments.

Just a few years ago, Robin suffered from repeated cases of life-threatening anaphylaxis

Robin and her young girls had suffered from allergies, asthma, digestive issues, immune dysfunction and more

Due to the education they received on practicing environmental controls and the changes they made with their lifestyle (diet + environment), Robin and her family began to see very positive results.

The family was able to overcome repeated illnesses and to obtain a higher quality of life

Robin was a teacher for nearly a decade.  She saw herself as a teacher, a mom, and a woman who had suffered immensely greenschools was her way of giving back much needed education to schools and communities. It was also her way to keep her children and other children/adults safe from toxins inside a school/home.

Robin’s enthusiasm was infectious and numerous people jumped on board to bring education and awareness to schools and communities.  greenschools has already worked with more than 40 schools and has helped thousands of individuals in MA.  It is our hope to create sustainable environmental education programs that bring health and wellness to our schools, our communities, and our planet!

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