Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin is the writer behind the website FindingJoy.net. Finding Joy is a site focused on intentional living and motherhood. In three years it has reached millions of readers and at times has posts that have had over 100k fb likes.

She is the author behind the successful “Dear Mom Letters” Ebook and is currently working to complete several other hard cover books based on the success of her site.

Besides writing and speaking, you can find at her at home teaching her seven kids, drinking coffee, and learning to appreciate the little things in life that truly matter. Connect with her on her site FindingJoy.net, on her busy facebook page findingjoyblog, on twitter at @finding_joy or on instagram.

Some of her articles have been published in The Huffington Post, the Salt Lake City News/Deseret, Home Educating Family Magazine, London/Ontario Baby Magazine, and many numerous publications. Articles have been syndicated on Blogher, Circle of Moms, Home Educating Family, Power of Moms, Florida Parent Guide, Life Your Way, National Foundation for Celiac Disease Awareness and more.

She is a passionate speaker and speaks both nationally and locally on motherhood, intentional living, blogging, and on Celiac Disease/gluten free living. She is also a regular columnist for Homeschooling Today, an advocate for Celiac Disease Awareness, and part of the Udi's Gluten Free Blogger Panel.



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