Rachael the iPhoneMom

Rachael the iPhoneMom

Rachael is a team member with TheiPhoneMom.com which was created in early 2009 as an excuse to surf around iTunes looking at apps and writing about the interesting findings on the blog, but it has become so much more. There are now more than a half dozen of us looking for new and interesting things for our readers - mostly apps, but also other products or items that are interesting or noteworthy.

Rachael is a stay at home mother of four. She secretly wanted an iPhone for years but kept telling her husband she did not need one, her old Palm phone could keep her calendar, and her nano was just fine for music. She finally gave in to the craving and quickly joined the world of smart phones and amazing apps! Her children laugh when Siri doesn’t listen to her, but Rachael and Siri have reached an understanding where Siri is willing to read her texts while she is running, set reminders for her, and take uncomplicated dictation.

Her current favorite is her Nike +GPS app, which cheers her on as she reaches running goals and personal bests. Hearing Kara Goucher, a fellow mom (and much better runner than she), encourage Rachael as she reaches the finish line helps her stay motivated as she strives to get back in shape after four pregnancies and births.

In between sitting in carpool lines, struggling with dinner menus and constantly pick up toys, she is always on the lookout for great tools and games.



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