Kristin Hackman

Kristin Hackman

Kristin Hackman is a writer and blogger living in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, Scott, and toddler triplets - Quinn, Harper and Gracie, age 20 months. She is the founder of, a website created for women navigating the culture shock of motherhood. Kristin writes with the voice of a woman that has battled infertility, a high-risk pregnancy, a crazy first year of raising triplets and the hormonal ups and downs of postpartum anxiety. Hence, “Just Breathe, Mama.”

Her writing offers practical advice to mothers wishing to connect with other mothers, and gives gentle nudges to “get off their lonely island.” Believing in mental-spiritual-physical balance as a pathway to healthy parenting, she discusses how to nourish the body and mind, and gives reminders to accept themselves as they are. You will find humor in her sometimes daily misadventures with triplets, easy and wholesome recipes for a busy mother as well as real life tips on how to de-stress - in the form of meditation, stretches and physical activity examples.

She is a certified Pilates instructor and avid yoga student, believing movement tied to breath is the best form of stress relief for a busy body and mind. She also loves to find nourishment at the table and is dedicated to teaching her family about the joy of food through local and organic food sources. She loves to watch her kids enjoy life and learns everyday that simplicity, accepting imperfection and slowing down are the secrets to life.


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