Jenny Irvine

Jenny Irvine

Jenny Irvine is a homeschool mom raising nearly a handful of food sensitive gluten free kids.

It was out of her frustration-searching for the perfect meal planning system that best could meet her family's dietary needs that she created the Simple Savvy Meal Planning Kit -- 20 printable meal planning pages with the average consumer in mind, but leaving plenty of room for the allergy sensitive to make the necessary alterations.

With a degree in behavioral science and psychology, a passion for family, and a long standing love-hate relationship with food it is out of her love of helping others that she blogs at MyHappyHomestead. It is here, that Jenny shares recipes, DIY projects, the ups and downs of raising a healthy, happy, food intolerant, homeschool family.

Life can be crazy raising four kids 8 and under, but some how she makes it all work.

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