Janet Milhollin, Jenna's Mentor
    August 21, 2009
    Janet Milhollin, Jenna’s Mentor

    Hi, my name is Janet Milhollin and as Jenna’s aide, mentor, and friend I can only scratch the surface when it comes to telling you about all the things Jenna and I have learned from each other o…

    Lauren Lumbard, Jenna's Sister
    August 20, 2009
    Lauren Lumbard, Jenna’s Sister

    Somewhere in my mental library, amongst the countless chapters and shelves, is the memory of standing in the hospital with my dad. I had just become a sister. My life had changed, and it would continu…

    Paula Lumbard, Jenna's Aunt
    August 19, 2009
    Paula Lumbard, Jenna’s Aunt

    As one of six children, I credit my parents with always supporting each one of our individual skills, talents and interests. Two people who came from hardscrabble backgrounds, through example, taught …

    Linda Lumbard, Jenna's mother
    August 18, 2009
    Linda Lumbard, Jenna’s mother

    Learning that your child has any kind of disability is difficult. It takes time to absorb the information that you receive from your specialists and to move forward the best that you can. I have tried…

    Jenna Lumbard, Author, "Worried Wendy Goes to School"
    August 17, 2009
    Jenna Lumbard, Author, “Worried Wendy Goes to School”

    Salman Rushdie once wrote, “Books choose their authors, the act of creation is not entirely a rational and conscious one.” In my case, I must agree with this whole heartedly. I don’t…