e-Patient Dave

e-Patient Dave

Healthcare blogger "e-Patient Dave" deBronkart works in high-tech marketing in the Boston area. His interest in healthcare ramped up rapidly in January 2007 when a routine shoulder x ray revealed kidney cancer that had spread throughout both lungs, with median survival time 24 weeks. "I learned a lot, fast," he says; today his tumors have shrunk 92%, and some have disappeared completely. He is well.

While sick, Dave used every resource he could get his hands on: peer groups, superb doctors (as referred by his peer group), web sites, online radiology and lab reports, digital scan images, plus an online family support site, CaringBridge. Before becoming sick he’d been a frequent commenter on his hospital’s CEO’s blog, Running A Hospital, under the name "Patient Dave"; now he has his own blog, The New Life of e-Patient Dave, where he writes about what he’s doing with his "free replay on the game of life."

Largely, that now includes being active in the "e-patient" movement: e-patients are empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled. He’s a frequent author on the e-Patient Scholars blog, has been interviewed by the Associated Press and CNN, and is patient advisor to PCPCC (the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative), an employer initiative led by IBM, working to improve healthcare efficiency, outcomes, and cost.

He is unabashedly not shy in his opinions about what works and what doesn’t, and particularly about what the medical professionals forgot to tell us. :)

In this series, he’ll present the things he wishes someone had told HIM when he first heard he had cancer.



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