Deb Herdman

Deb Herdman

Deb Herdman is a former neonatal RN, mum and entrepreneur. Her last child, born after a gap of 21 years was a cat napping infant and then a toddler that refused to sleep. “He would just keep getting out of his bed, with lots of reasons why he should get up. The legitimate reasons of being thirsty, hungry, need to go to the bathroom, room too dark, and so on, wear a bit thin after you’ve heard them over a couple of hours”. This led Deb to create a unique system called ‘3R’s to Sleep Success’, Sleepy Head TED (a sleeping Polar Bear) and Nigh' Nigh' Sleepy Head CD.

Deb is a much sought after child sleep consultant and author of many sleep articles both online and in print media. She has also authored two e/books for baby and toddler, and presents sleep information at health forums and to parent groups. She has just formed a dynamic partnership with other health professionals to offer workshops on practical, peaceful parenting.

Her clients love her gentle non-judgmental approach and even call her the ‘Sleep Angel’.


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