Cheryl Tallman

Cheryl Tallman

As a biomedical engineer, Cheryl has always had an interest in nutrition, and as a mother and self-taught cook she creates and serves up gourmet meals that even your children will be begging for.

As an entrepreneur, she’s turned these interests into being one of the country’s authorities in the field of “healthy eating habits” for children.

Every day, Cheryl Tallman reaches thousands of parents with simple tips that help them raise healthier children and prevent childhood obesity. Her easy-to-make recipes use fresh ingredients the whole family can enjoy.

This family-friendly healthy eating mission started long before it became popular in the news. She launched her vision quietly, in a small Manhattan apartment, and methodically gathered information on what infants and toddlers should be putting in their little bodies. She calls that vision Fresh Baby.

Cheryl is now one of the country’s most informed on the subject of healthy eating habits for children. Through her journey, Fresh Baby  has tripled in size and won national acclaim for their “healthy eating” related products.

These products, like the So Easy Baby Food kit , have made it onto the shelves of national chains, and a host of retail baby and toddler stores all over North America.

One of the main goals of Fresh Baby is to provide valuable information to parents and caregivers all over the world.

Cheryl lives in Northern Michigan with a great test kitchen and her husband Roger, and son, Spencer.


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