Beth Bader

Beth Bader

Beth Bader, co-author of the book The Cleaner Plate Club, has been a photojournalist, writer, and shark wrangler. If you ask her whether it's harder to wrangle a shark or dress a toddler, the answer is the shark — but only because they bite harder. Raising a child is way harder than sharks otherwise.

In their book, The Cleaner Plate Club, Ali Benjamin and Beth help parents understand picky eating behaviors; where they originate, and how to deal with them creatively to get kids to eat better — without any sneaking, lying or fights. And without the judging or holier-than-thou advice that parents don’t want and don’t need.

The Cleaner Plate Club also includes information to help parents understand all the overwhelming headlines about industrial food, its safety hazards, and the harm it has done to our environment and most of all, our kids.

As much activist as cook, Beth is most of all a mom determined to make the world a better place for her child, one meal at a time. She is a food blogger at Expatriate's Kitchen.and contributes to and The Cleaner Plate Club Blog.

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