Barbara Ficarra RN BSN MPA

Barbara Ficarra RN BSN MPA

Barbara is an award-winning journalist, media broadcaster, media trainer, medical blogger, speaker, and health expert. She is creator, executive producer and host of the Health in 30 radio show, a live 30-minute program that brings listeners the latest health and medical news and information with leading medical experts, and empowers listeners to take charge of their health.

Barbara is founder and editor-in-chief of Her blogs on offer practical advice for spectacular health, focusing on prevention and patient empowerment and Barbara shares a nurse's inside perspective on healthy living and personal health, as well as the latest legal and political health care issues making all the headlines. Barbara sorts through latest research and provides readers with relevant information without any of the confusing medical jargon.

Barbara is a feature writer on Huffingtonpost and she has received multiple awards for her health journalism, including the Journalism Award of Excellence from the American College of Emergency Physicians. The winning program, Ins and Outs of the ER, covered what patients should expect in the ER and the challenges created by crowding and waiting.

Barbara is a registered nurse active on the front lines of health care: She is a head nurse at a level 2 trauma center and covers multiple medical and surgical units, critical care, oncology, cardiology and step-down units, the psychiatric in-patient unit and the women's and children's units including the pediatric emergency room. Her clinical experience ranges from oncology to general medicine and surgery.

Barbara is a patient advocate who always encourages patients and their families to be proactive and take charge of their health.

Barbara has been quoted as an expert in health care for multiple journals and magazines. Barbara has offered expert advice to a variety of organizations and individuals in health care, including New York Times Health, and she recently met with Time Warner.

Barbara is an expert health contributor to where she writes and records 60 second audio spots on a variety of vital health topics, she is a guest blogger for many health sites and she is a featured blogger on Healthcommentary, and Better Health, a leading community for medical bloggers.

Barbara is a speaker at many professional conferences, and serves on the Academy of Judges for the International Health and Medical Media Awards (the Freddies).

Barbara is a media trainer and speaker at the American Medical Associations Medical Communication Conference. She's taught media broadcasting from radio to on-camera techniques in addition to presenting a class on blogging.*

Barbara also is experienced in video production as host and executive producer for Web/TV, a board member for the National Association of Medical Communicators, advisory board member for the Medical Communications Conference, a member of New York Women in Communications, a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists, and a member of X2HN an association for women health care executives. She is president of Barbara Ficarra Productions, LLC.


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