Amy Ziff

Amy Ziff

Amy Ziff is a busy Mom to three young kids, a healthy living coach, wellness advocate and blogger with a genetic predisposition to toxicity. (That means she has the MTHFR gene mutation, for those who want a little more science. And her kids share the same trait.) As a result, they don’t process toxins in the environment as well as some people, and it turns out this isn’t such a rarity. About half the population lives with this genetic “mutation” but doesn’t know it.

Amy is determined to make the world a less toxic place for everyone’s benefit!

Last year Her “buy better” advocacy work reached over 1.5 Million people and helped Moms harness their collective purchasing power to bring about massive change.

Women control 85% of America’s wallet and can change the world by simply changing how, where and what they shop for. Over the last four years Amy has developed a database and way to screen products (you can find them all at the Veritey Shop) allowing people to easily find healthier, nontoxic product selections.

As a Mom to sensitive children, I experienced the difficulty firsthand with trying to find better, safer, nontoxic items. There simply was no way to trust that what I was buying was truly safe and nontoxic for my children. There is so much confusion and greenwashing in the marketplace that I started keeping detailed notes about products and manufacturers which later grew into the Veritey Shop. What companies put in their products can be shocking, including known carcinogens and endocrine disrupting chemicals that can lead to an array of conditions from cancer to infertility, asthma to ADHD — and what’s worse is they don’t have to disclose these chemicals.

Amy believes you shouldn’t need a PhD to decipher what products are safe to use and which to avoid. Yet the reality is that getting to the truth of what’s in a product — even food — can take hours of research and a lot of legwork. Most busy moms and parents just don’t have that kind of time.

Amy currently teaches classes on living a NoTox life, blogs about the chemical world we live in, and is launching the first Nontoxic seal of approval. She is changing the world for the healthier one product at a time, one person at a time, one home at a time.


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