Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro

Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro

Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro is a mom of 2, a 22-year veteran in Design and Advertising, a Holistic Health Coach and founder of wellness brand, Goodee™.

14 years ago, Alyssa’s long-time mentor, Steve Connelly, invited her to help form the agency Connelly Partners. She describes it as the perfect marriage between loving your work and loving your life. Alyssa is responsible for overseeing the overall creative deliverables of the agency, rolling up her sleeves as a Designer, and lending her talents to help build CP Wellness + Sustainability.

In 2011, driven by a life-long dedication to nutrition and exercise, a desire to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle with her children, and the kernel of an entrepreneurial idea, Alyssa earned certification as a Holistic Health Coach. She has used this experience to fuel her personally and professionally, including launching the Goodee™ brand of family-friendly nutritional tools.

Alyssa maintains her energy and creativity after 22 years in the advertising business by connecting her work to her personal passions every day, through a focus on mom consumers, brands in the Wellness + Sustainability space, and projects that allow her to heighten her skills as a designer. The Goodee™ brand is one that demonstrates her ability to be empathic toward mom consumers and the challenges they face when raising healthy eaters by focusing on one simple notion: eating along the color spectrum.

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