Adorable Asian girl in a crib. Crib safety is important for babies.

Crib Safety

Question: Can crib bumpers really cause SIDS? What if my baby hits her head?

Toddler with big ears, sad face and drool. Does he need Garlic Oil for Ear Infections?

Garlic Oil for Ear Infection Pain

Ear infections can hurt! Topical drops can ease the pain while watching to see if antibiotics are necessary. And if antibiotics are needed, while waiting for antibiotics to take effect....

Boy playing in the backyard with a waterhose. Does this yard have just a little roundup to kill the weeds?

No Chemicals – Just A Little Roundup

After discussing the importance of not using chemicals on their lawn, my friend hired a gardener. She never saw him weeding the grass, but it no longer grew weeds....

Beautiful black girl swinging on an asphalt playground. Be careful of head injuries.

Head Injuries

My wonderfully active youngster seems to always be "bonking" his head on something. I never know how to respond. Are there some general guidelines for when it is...

Father and son peeing over a wall. Double urethra is a very rare condition found only in boys.

Double Urethra

My son was diagnosed with a double urethra when he was 3 months old. He has two holes in his penis. He was also diagnosed with Reflux III....

Black toddler with milk on face. Switching from formula to milk can be messy.

Switching from Formula to Milk

My daughter is about to turn 11 months old. She's very healthy and always has been. Is it okay if I start giving her regular milk instead of...

Neuron in the brain on blue background. Neurons are key to The Brain Stage.

The Brain Stage: The Power & Promise of The Cephalic Phase for Health

Listen to the Podcast or Read the Transcript [00:00:03] Hi I’m Dr. Alan Greene pediatrician and I’d like to talk with you tonight about The Brain Stage. [00:00:10] I...

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