Beverly Richardson

Beverly Richardson aka Truddle

Beverly Richardson

Site Manager

Still clad in her housecoat and bunny slippers, Truddle brushes the hair from her eyes as she rushes down the dark and silent cyber hallway. Truddle’s day has begun. Stopping along the way at each door she comes to, she silently makes her morning status check. The heat is turned up, the lights turned on, and the chairs and magazines are all in order. The coffee is made and the cookies are set out – all to welcome the guests who will be stopping by today.

Happy that everything is in order, Truddle heads to the kitchen, where she greets her husband, visiting with him as he gets ready to head out of the house for the day.

As she stands on the front deck waving to her husband, she reaches down to scratch the ears of Dudley and Bosley, the two family dogs. Breathing deeply, she surveys the morning, enjoying the view of the countryside as she lingers for just a minute before heading back inside.

Once inside, she quickly puts in a load of laundry and sets the dishes to soak in hot soapy water, then heads to her office. Soon the silence of the day is broken by the clickity-click of the keys on her computer as she heads down the cyber hallway once again. is more than a sideline for Truddle, it has become a part of her family!

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