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    Starting Solids Without White Rice Cereal?

      I’m sure most of you are familiar with Dr. Greene’s White Out Campaign.  Rice cereal is commonly given to infants as their first food.  Unfortunately this is still suggested by many well meaning individuals, even though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that rice cereal should never been consumed and particularly should not […]

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  • Dietary Advice to Address Arsenic Concern

    Dietary Advice to Address Arsenic Concern

    I’d like to thank co-author Ashley Koff, RD for her initiative on this issue. More of her work can be seen at AskleyKoffApproved.com. You’ve heard the news, and in sets panic. Have I been inadvertently poisoning my family with arsenic? We share your concerns and as such created the following to help you where it […]

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  • My Take on Arsenic and Brown Rice

    My Take on Arsenic and Brown Rice

    You may have seen headlines based on a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives about arsenic and organic brown rice syrup. Many of the headlines mention concern about the implications for some infant formula and food bars. Here’s my take:

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    What is Your Pediatrician Reading?

    Medscape Pediatrics, a leading source of medical information for physicians (if not the leading source of info for physicians), has released the Medscape Top 10 for in 2011 – this year’s 10 most important articles, chosen by being the most read articles of the year. ***Spoiler Alert*** This is tremendous news for WhiteOut, our campaign […]

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  • Starting Solids: An Exciting Reason to Be Thankful

    Starting Solids: An Exciting Reason to Be Thankful

    Last Thanksgiving I announced a bold campaign, spearheaded by an amazing band of volunteers, to upgrade babies’ first foods to real foods – and babies’ first grains to whole grains – and to do this in 2011.

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  • About the WhiteOut Movement

    About the WhiteOut Movement

    “Let every child’s first grain be a whole grain. There’s no good reason not to. They won’t mind. They’ll thank you.”   And let every child’s first food be a real food. Together we can change 50 years of tradition in just one year. Let’s END white rice cereal for babies by Thanksgiving 2011!

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  • To Solve Obesity

    To Solve Obesity, We Must Change the Way We Feed Babies

    Waiting until school age is too late, according to a welcome 2011 Institute of Medicine report called Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies. The report documents the critical role of early learning and development in shaping obesity risk. We have missed out on the opportunity to create healthy eating and activity patterns from the start, rather […]

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  • The Organic Movement Report

    The Organic Movement Report

    The Washington Post released a report today titled, The Organic Movement. The Post looked at current research, and interviewed organic farmers and other organic leaders for their insights. I was asked, “What are simple changes parents can make to help baby have the healthiest start possible?” Then I was given a 150 word limit. Talk […]

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    How did we get here? WhiteOut Now!

    Would you feed your baby a spoonful of sugar for her first bite of solid food? Of course you wouldn’t. Today, the first bite of solid food for 98% of babies in the US is processed white rice baby cereal. It’s literally the consistency of processed white flour.  And it has a similar same impact […]

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  • WhiteOut Badges

    WhiteOut Badges

    Help spread the word and announce your participation with our set of official WhiteOut Badges!

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