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  • Creating a Healthy Sunscreen Balance -- Vitamin D and Skin Color

    Creating a Healthy Sunscreen Balance — Vitamin D and Skin Color

    Over the past 150,000 years, skin color has evolved depending on the migration patterns of our ancestors.   Skin pigmentation changed to ensure our ability to adapt to new environmental and geographical regions.  As civilizations and technology evolved, making it far easier to move from one place to another, we migrated out toward the poles, dispersing […]

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  • Am I Overwhelmed?

    Am I Overwhelmed?

    The other lesson from Sayedpur didn’t strike home until we visited a nearby similar urban slum called Jethury the next day. In Sayedpur, skin and clothes were dirty and frayed. Flies fed on the mucus running down babies’ noses, without the mothers brushing them away. Eyes looked vacant. Tempers flared. And the situation resolved.

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  • The Epicenter

    The Epicenter

    To me the name Calcutta had long carried with it the idea of incalculable poverty and destitution, of Mother Theresa’s work with the poorest of the poor. It was the epicenter of need.

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  • One Cup of Tea

    One Cup of Tea

    The alarm on my otherwise useless cell phone went off at 5:30 am. We were leaving early to meet and distribute vitamins to the children of Bhatpara, the most remote village we had visited yet.

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  • The Road to Jaigoan

    The Road to Jaigoan

    I’ve ridden the wooden Cyclone roller-coaster at Cony Island just one time. One minute and fifty seconds in the apple-red car, etched in time. The spine-jarringly rough ride and being thrown from side to side as the car lurched through its turns both stick in my memory. These set the coaster apart from its peers […]

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  • Eating What The Host Serves

    Eating What The Host Serves

    When I travel, I try to eat and enjoy what my host sets before me, even if it might otherwise make me squeamish. Of course, I’ll make my food preferences known if asked or if appropriate. But when the host has gone to great trouble or expense as a gift to me, I make an […]

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  • They Say an Elephant Never Forgets

    They Say an Elephant Never Forgets

    In the narrow strip of India that separates Nepal from Bangladesh lies a tiny rural village called Chenga. The village is surrounded by fields, each a patchwork mosaic of knee-high tea trees in various shades of green. The fields are surrounded by malarial forests, where wild leopards and tigers roam free. Village, fields, and forests, […]

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  • We Know the Secret

    We Know the Secret

    We arrived in India after enduring a 20+ hour flight, but the flight is nothing compared to life every day for the children we came to meet. On our first day here, our tiny band from Vitamin Angels, led by Howard Schiffer, along with Bridge of Hope, led by Prince Jeyaraj, provided vitamins and anti-parasitics […]

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  • Dr. Greene & Howard Schiffer for Vitamin Angels in Muhundapur India

    Video ©VitaminAngels/IN10/Dayka – Video by Matt Dayka I’m proud to be with my dear friend and Howard Schiffer, CEO of Vitamin Angels working together in India. This video was filmed live in Muhundapur India where we distributed vitamins 3,000 people. When we arrived, there were already over 1,000 waiting for our help.

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  • Vitamin Angels

    Vitamin Angels

    Vitamin Angels work is really simple; we are ‘reaching the unreachable’, getting essential nutrients to children under 5 who are chronically malnourished, and saving lives. 1/3 of all child and maternal deaths are due to chronic malnutrition.

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