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    How Toddlers Can Benefit from Supplements

      The toddler years are a time of huge transition – and one of the biggest changes is in how they receive the majority of their nourishment. Not so long ago, their diet consisted of milk or formula, but now they are (hopefully!) enjoying a balanced diet, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate […]

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  • Probiotics


    My child has lots of food allergies, is it safe to give them probiotics? Are probiotics safe for kids with food allergies? Absolutely! In fact, I especially recommend probiotics for children with allergies because some studies have shown that probiotics can lessen the immune reaction against proteins in foods. While there’s no guarantee that probiotics […]

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    How Vitamins, Sunshine and Antibiotics Have Changed Things for Your Kids

    I grew up eating very different food than my children eat. I’m not just talking about different items on the menu, but an apples-to-apples comparison of the same foods shows a substantial difference in nutrient density. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my wife say “tomatoes just don’t taste the way they […]

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  • Vitamin D and Old Age

    Vitamin D and Old Age

    Having high vitamin D levels is important for all ages. However, vitamin D levels generally decline in old age while at the same time risk of diseases linked to low vitamin D levels increases. Thus, maintaining high vitamin D levels at this age is very important. The primary reasons that vitamin D levels decrease with […]

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  • Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Diseases

    Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Diseases

    There is mounting evidence that vitamin D plays an important role in reducing risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well as the diseases that often precede it such as diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease. The category cardiovascular disease includes coronary heart disease (heart attack), stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and congestive heart failure. Several observational […]

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  • The Role of Vitamin D in Fighting Infectious Diseases

    The Role of Vitamin D in Fighting Infectious Diseases

    Vitamin D has at least two ways of reducing the risk of infectious diseases. One is through strengthening both the innate and adaptive immune systems, the other is through reducing inflammatory responses to infection. The “innate immune system”responds to threats in a non-specific manner. The “adaptive immune system” can recognize and deal with specific threats […]

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  • Vitamin D During Pregnancy and lactation

    Vitamin D During Pregnancy and lactation

    Adequate vitamin D levels are very important during pregnancy and lactation. In addition to the classical role of vitamin D in calcium and phosphate absorption and metabolism, vitamin D during pregnancy protects against infection, helps ensure proper fetal development, and reduces the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes. How vitamin D protects against infection is discussed […]

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  • Cancer and Vitamin D

    Cancer and Vitamin D

    There is a large body of evidence that vitamin D reduces the risk of many types of cancerand improves survival after cancer diagnosis. Solar ultraviolet-B (UVB) light is the primary source of vitamin D for most people. The idea that UVB and vitamin D could reduce the risk of cancer was proposed in 1980 by […]

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  • Reflections of a New Mother: Wonder, Gratitude and Helping Others

    Reflections of a New Mother: Wonder, Gratitude and Helping Others

    One day soon there’s going to be a new man in my life. Though I’ve been waiting around for 9 months for the big day to arrive, it’s nonetheless really hard to wrap my head around the idea that soon there will be a completely new little person in the world and he’ll be calling […]

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  • A gem: Vitamin D and Flu Season

    A gem: Vitamin D and Flu Season

    Modern kids tend to spend much less time outdoors than kids did a few generations ago – and that change could make a particularly big difference in the winter months, with today’s kids often not making the amount of vitamin D they need for optimum health.  Some have observed that kids who don’t get enough […]

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