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  • Dr. Greene discussing what to do when you find a lump

    What to do if you discover a lump

    Finding a lump on your child’s body is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact most of the time little lumps it’s a good thing: healthy lymph nodes swell when they are attacking foreign invaders. The question is how to tell if the lump is well-behaving lymph node or something more serious. With just a […]

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  • Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy Means Going Minimal and Natural

    Keeping Baby’s Skin Healthy Means Going Minimal and Natural

    Everyone has heard the phrase ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’.  As a society, we cherish the belief that babies have the most perfect skin.  In fact, as we age, it becomes the ideal touted by anti-aging products and the media.  It is certainly a romantic notion, but infant skin is not completely resilient and fully […]

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  • Skin Immunity

    Skin Immunity

    is more than a protective cover, its healthy condition is vital to the functions of our whole immune system. In addition to creating a barrier against the elements, the skin houses immune cells and produces antibodies.  It is also one of the body’s 3 main systems for eliminating toxins, along with the lungs and digestive […]

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  • drgblog-sunblock-clothing

    New: skin damage starts with your child’s first summer

    It’s taken a long time for science to quantify what mothers have always known: the skin of babies and toddlers is very different from the skin of older children and adults. Babies’ skin is softer because the outermost protective layer, the stratum corneum, isn’t mature until at least age two.

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  • Neck Rash

    Neck Rashes

    My 4-month-old has some kind of rash on her neck. They said it’s a yeast infection and to put Vagisil on it for two weeks. It has done some good, but it seems to be spreading. How do I…

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  • Persistant Diaper Rash

    Persistent Diaper Rash

    My baby has had a terrible diaper rash for about three weeks now. How can I get rid of it?

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  • Zoster (chickenpox)

    Zoster (chickenpox): A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: varicella-zoster virus, chickenpox, shingles Introduction to chickenpox: Chickenpox is one of the classic childhood diseases. A young child covered in pox and out of school for a week is a typical scene. The first half of the week feels miserable from itching; the second half miserable from boredom. Since the introduction of the […]

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  • Warts

    Warts: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: HPV, Verrucae, Common warts, Genital warts, Condylomata accuminata Introduction to warts: Contrary to well-established belief, the underside of a wart is smooth and round, and the entire wart is confined to the epidermis — the outermost layer of the skin. There are no ‘roots’! Even without roots, warts can be difficult to destroy. […]

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  • Staph

    Staph: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcal infections Introduction to staph: Staph infections are very common. The bacteria look like innocent clusters of grapes under the microscope. What is staph? Staph bacteria surround us! They are often found on the surface of healthy people’s skin. Infection occurs if they enter the skin, or enter the body through […]

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  • Ringworm

    Ringworm: Overview, Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention

    Related concepts: Tinea Corporis Introduction to ringworm: The name ringworm survives from antiquity, when doctors thought that this round rash was indeed caused by a worm. Now we know that this common skin infection has nothing at all to do with worms, but it can have something to do with pets!

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