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  • 5 Ways to Parent the Forgiveness-Cure

    5 Ways to Parent the Forgiveness-Cure

    As parents we must teach our children the realities of life.  Life hurts us, people hurt us, we hurt other people and we hurt ourselves. That is what relationships and life are about. The sooner we let our children in on this secret the healthier their life-approach will be. Forgiveness is many things but we […]

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  • Was It Worth It

    Was It Worth It? Reflections from a Second Generation Food Mom

    I walked down the damp hallway past the entrance to the visitors’ locker room just as my teenage daughter and her friends emerged. Fresh from the game, each held a bucket-sized frozen slushie the color of antifreeze. They stopped, startled. “Are you mad?”, one ventured, as their eyes met mine. Before I could answer, another […]

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  • The Need for Sext Ed

    The Need for “Sext” Ed

    Arguably, no phenomenon of the mobile era is as upsetting to parents as “sexting.” For the blissfully uninitiated, “sexting” refers to the sending of sexually explicit texts and photos. It began with just naughty words in the early 2000s, but as cameraphones became more prevalent, cellphone users began sending explicit photos of themselves to their […]

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  • The Truth About Throw in the Towel Parenting Days

    The Truth About Throw in the Towel Parenting Days

    You’ve had those days. I know it. I’ve had them. They’re the days when the clock has barely hit 8:10am and you’re already feeling like you’d love to throw in the hypothetical towel of parenting. You know that towel? The towel that has already dealt with kids that don’t want to get up, kids that […]

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  • You Are Enough Moms

    You Are Enough Moms

    Over the past several years I’ve written dozens of letters and articles to mothers. They’ve been open letters talking about our fears of failures, our worries, our wonderings if what we’re doing really matters, our successes, and our giving of self. These simple notes, filled with words of bravery, encouragement, and we’re in this together […]

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  • The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child

    The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child

    “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”   -Leo Tolstoy Most people want to be the very best parents they can. That’s why baby books fly off the shelves, and hundreds of blogs and websites hand out advice on every topic imaginable—from breastfeeding to sleep schedules, from potty […]

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  • Worry Less Live More

    Worry Less, Live More

    When my child was fourteen-months-old, she had an aversion to shoes and preferred “walking” everywhere on her knees. I worried that she’d still be using this unconventional form of migration to cross the stage at her high school graduation. But alas, my once knee-shuffling child now has no problem wearing shoes and walks on her […]

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  • 5 Activities to Teach Your Kids About Sustainable Living

    5 Activities to Teach Your Kids About Sustainable Living

    Our children are the future, which is why we need to make teaching them to be keepers of the Earth a priority. We talk with our girls every day about why we make lifestyle choices so they can understand the why and not just the how. I feel so much joy when my older daughter […]

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  • Teach Your Children Well

    Teach Your Children Well

    It’s noon on a Sunday. It’s a blue sky and white puffy cloud type of day. We, as in me and the three, are on our way home from a delightfully unorganized play date with triplets three weeks our senior. It was like two cowboys walking into a saloon fresh out of a gun fight. […]

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  • Checklist 1: Before You Go

    Checklist 1: Before You Go

    My book, The Patient’s Checklist, grew out of my family’s experience caring for my Dad during a very long hospitalization from an entirely preventable medication error. I learned early on that the single greatest threat to patient safety in hospitals is human error: communication breakdowns resulting from overly fragmented care by overworked doctors and nurses, […]

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