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  • Dr. Greene's Organic Journey: Is it right for your family?

    Dr. Greene’s Organic Journey: Is it right for your family?

    We heard that you only eat certified organic food and wild or home grow food, is that true? Is that also the principle you choose for your kids? Can you share with us your experience on choosing food for…

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  • Organic Livestock

    Organic Livestock

    I was excited to find your site, but this comment you made about “organic cows” is entirely untrue. You should read up on the facts before publishing such a comment: “Organic cows must, by regulation, be allowed to graze…

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  • Dr Greenes Organic Rx Item 11 - Wine

    Dr. Greene’s Organic Rx — Bonus Item #11

    BONUS: Organic Wine The Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring, fabled to restore the youth of those who drink from its waters. Some say that Juan Ponce de Leon was searching for it when he discovered Florida. But the legend didn’t start with Juan. Tales of healing elixirs and preserved youth run through human […]

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  • dv196002

    Dr. Greene’s Organic Rx — Item #10

    #10 Corn Corn fattens up America’s beef cattle, accounting for 90% of U.S. feed grains61. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) fattens up America’s human population. More land (more than 80 million acres) is planted in corn than any other crop. More pesticides62 and more chemical fertilizer63 are used to grow corn in the US than […]

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  • Dr Greenes Organic Rx Introduction

    Dr. Greene’s Organic Rx

    Good News Growing our foods organically has proven to be one of the hottest, fastest-growing movements of the 21st century. Already, more than 4 million acres of American farmland have been dedicated to raising our food1 more sustainably, with an eye toward our health and our future. That’s four million acres farmed intelligently without the […]

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  • How Much Food Does a Child Need

    How Much Food Does a Child Need Each Day?

    How much does a child need each day?

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  • Pesticides, Intelligence, and Behavior

    Pesticides, Intelligence, and Behavior

    Among the pesticides in common use in the United States today, I am most concerned about the organophosphates – originally commercialized as nerve agents for chemical warfare. A significant study published in the December 2006 Pediatrics links decreased brain development and increased ADHD to organophosphate levels in inner city minority children in New York City.

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  • Food Allergies

    Food Allergies: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Food hypersensitivity, Oral allergy syndrome, Allergic proctocolitis Introduction to food allergies: Many parents of infants and toddlers are told that food allergies don’t happen that young, or that they are very rare. We’ve learned that food allergies certainly do happen and that they are common – affecting about 1 in 18 children before […]

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  • Is Organic Food Really Better for Kids?

    Is Organic Food Really Better for Kids?

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charged with evaluating pesticides and setting “acceptable risk” levels of exposure. EPA’s tests have largely been conducted on fully grown adult men or non-human animal species, exposing them to one chemical at a time. Evidence now shows that chemicals in combination — the way we are usually exposed to […]

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  • Organic a Choice for our Children

    Organic a Choice for our Children

    As parents, we want to feed our children healthy food. What parent would turn down the chance to give a child delicious, healthy food that is convenient, a good money value, that the child loves – and then responds with a, “Thank you, Mommy, that was great! May I help clean up?”

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