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  • Stool Changes

    Stool Changes

    My daughter is 3 weeks old and nursing. For the last week she’s had diarrhea. Should I be worried?

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  • Neck Rash

    Neck Rashes

    My 4-month-old has some kind of rash on her neck. They said it’s a yeast infection and to put Vagisil on it for two weeks. It has done some good, but it seems to be spreading. How do I…

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  • Infant Hair Loss

    Infant Hair Loss

    My son is 4 weeks old. For the past two weeks he has been losing his hair on the top of his head. I know it’s normal for babies to lose hair on the sides and back in patches….

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  • Infant Anemia

    Infant Anemia

    My 10-month-old is anemic. Are supplements safe? He doesn’t like to eat; should I force him?

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  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A-to-Z Guide

    Related concepts: SIDS Introduction to SIDS: Everything dear to us causes pain. Becoming a parent opens up new landscapes within us: new hopes, fears, delights, and sorrows. There is no magic moment when you will stop worrying. Sometimes, even when we do everything right, babies die. The fragility and unpredictability of life underscore how precious […]

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  • Separation Anxiety

    Separation Anxiety A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Stranger anxiety, object permanence Introduction to separation anxiety: Your baby has been able to tell the difference between you and strangers from the earliest days of life. Young babies prefer their mothers and fathers (and others who are frequently involved), but will usually respond happily to others as well. Until… They begin to […]

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  • Baby drooling from teething

    Teething: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment

    Related concepts: Primary teeth eruption, Dental conditions. Introduction to teething: No topic has gone through wider swings in medical opinion than teething. A little more than a century ago, teething was considered the leading cause of infant death. Most of the serious symptoms of that age group (including seizures and infantile paralysis) were blamed on […]

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  • Diaper Rash

    Diaper Rash: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Dermatitis – Diaper; Yeast infection – Diaper area Introduction to diaper rash: Diapers are a wonderful invention, controlling babies’ waste products in a relatively convenient, clean, and healthy way. Still, ever since children began to wear diapers, diaper rash has been the most common skin disorder of infancy.

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  • Baby Acne

    Baby Acne: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Pimples Introduction to baby acne: To many parents’ dismay, their beautiful newborn’s face breaks out with red bumps at around 3 to 4 weeks of age. This is called baby acne. It tends to occur at about the same age as the baby’s peak gas production and fussiness. How attractive! (This all coincides […]

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  • Separation Anxiety and Object Permanence

    Separation Anxiety and Object Permanence

    My 9-month-old is having a problem with separation anxiety. I have been taking him to day care at my gym for an hour every day, and no matter what we do he cries the entire time I am gone….

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