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  • Baby Avocado Face

    Baby’s First Foods: When to start, what to feed

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) agrees that the time to begin solid foods for baby is around 6 months. Of course, checking with your pediatrician is always best. Once you decide the time is right, it can be difficult to know where to start. This series of blogs will offer some suggestions for baby […]

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  • Dr. Alan Greene discussing the increase in food allergies in children

    Why are there so many more food allergies today?

    You probably already know that our kids are growing up in a pretty tough world, and part of the challenge is being certain what to feed your young ones. Since the mid-1990s, food allergies have gone from a relative rarity to becoming increasingly commonplace. What is responsible? Well, it just so happens that in 1996 […]

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  • Dr. Alan Greene discussing teaching your children healthy eating habits

    The Window of Opportunity for Teaching Your Kids Great Eating Habits

    What does mother goose have to do with getting kids to eat right? Researcher Konrad Lorentz showed that by replacing a mother goose with something else as the first thing a baby goose encountered, he could alter the behavior of the baby goose to view that thing (even a toy train!!) as ‘mama’. This phenomenon […]

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  • Allergy Bites

    Allergy Bites: Tasty Nuggets for Preventing Allergies

    Many parents still hear the advice that it’s better to wait to introduce fish to babies until their first birthdays, or even their second. I disagree! And a growing body of evidence suggests that starting fish between 6 and 12 months results in fewer allergies – both in the short run and by the time […]

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  • drgblog-carrots-nitrates

    Carrots and Nitrates

    I just started making my 6 month old homemade baby food. I was reading about nitrates in carrots, spinach and a few other vegetables. If I buy organic can I count on it being nitrate free? How do I…

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  • Your Baby Knows What You’re Eating… Even Before Birth

    Your Baby Knows What You’re Eating … Even Before Birth

    Babies have more taste buds before birth than at any later time. Why would they be designed to form extra taste buds only for them to disappear before they are even born? Most parents think that before birth, babies get all of their nutrition through the umbilical cord. They don’t realize that babies also drink […]

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  • A Fantastic Opportunity

    A Fantastic Opportunity

    We lost the last generation to healthy nutrition before they were 18 months old. Parents found their children rejecting baby foods. And they didn’t know what or how to feed the babies they loved. They didn’t want their kids to go hungry. So the finger foods that many kids sampled were salty, partially hydrogenated, artificially […]

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  • faq_adjusting_to_solids_getty_article_preview

    Adjusting to Solids

    My son is 9 1/2 months old. While he loves to feed himself Cheerios and other hard foods (crackers, pretzels), he doesn’t do too well with other foods, such as peas, carrots, pasta, etc. He’s okay with thick mashed…

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  • Formula and Diarrhea

    Formula and Diarrhea

    I’d like to supplement my breastfed 3-month-old with formula, but it seems to be giving her diarrhea. Is she allergic? What can I use as a supplement?

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  • Sweet sleep

    Nighttime Feedings

    My son is sleeping through the night now, but I have to wake him to feed him before I go to sleep–around 11:00. I heard that it is bad for him to eat right before he goes to sleep….

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