Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence
    March 16, 2009
    Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence

    When I hit my 40s, I was happy, healthy and very, very busy. I was a caretaker for someone I loved. I was writing books. I took up golf, learned about scuba diving and participated in my first triathl…

    We can easily fix the shoulder, but...
    August 4, 2008
    We can easily fix the shoulder, but…

    After a simple shoulder x-ray on January 2, 2007, I learned out of nowhere that something else had shown up in my lung. Ten days later we knew what it was: Stage IV kidney cancer that had spread throu…

    Who are Radiologists?
    March 11, 2003
    Who are Radiologists?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: A radiologist is a physician who specialized in imaging techniques after completing medical school. If one is involved in doing or interpreting the CT scan, there is a higher chan…

    CT Scans and Cancer
    March 11, 2003
    CT Scans and Cancer

    Dr. Greene's Answer: In A-bomb survivors, the lowest exposure measured to increase cancer risk was about 50 mSv. Children who get a single head CT without a special pediatric setting get a dose of abo…

    Cancer - Environmentally Linked?
    March 4, 2002
    Cancer – Environmentally Linked?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: What a tough time for the family! Most tumors in kids come from a combination of genetic susceptibility and some kind of environmental insult. Not all susceptible kids get cancer,…

    qabreast lumps
    March 25, 1999
    Breast Lumps in Boys

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Lumps of one kind or another are a common reason for a visit to the doctor's office. The lump might be in the neck (that the parents suspect is just a swollen gland), in the knee …

    Hemihypertrophy and Cancer
    January 21, 1999
    Hemihypertrophy and Cancer

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Hemihypertrophy, also called hemihyperplasia, is a greater-than-normal asymmetry between the right and left sides of the body. Hemihypertrophy can occur as an independent conditio…

    Wilms' Tumor
    June 30, 1998
    Wilms’ Tumor

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Seeing the musical, Les Miserables, was a great experience for me. In one of my favorite moments, a little girl appears on the stage alone and sings a hauntingly beautiful solo, "…

    Baby looking into the camera. Does she have swollen lymph nodes?
    May 18, 1998
    Swollen Lymph Nodes: Normal, infection or malignancy?

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Almost every day, Shelley, concerned parents ask me about lumps in their children's necks or scalps. Most of the time, these turn out to be normal. Occasionally, though, they are …

    Strength in the face of breast cancer
    March 22, 1997
    Breast Cancer — A Story of Survival

    A young mother recently called me. She had seen my story on the web and wanted to talk because she hadn’t been able to find another survivor of “her kind” of breast cancer. She needed to connect…

    Birth Control Pills and Breast Cancer
    May 1, 1996
    Birth Control Pills and Breast Cancer

    Dr. Greene's Answer: Thanks for the follow-up question. We cover a lot of ground at HouseCalls, and I am glad for the opportunity to clarify the points I have rushed by quickly. Hormonal factors are v…