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  • Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence

    Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence

    When I hit my 40s, I was happy, healthy and very, very busy. I was a caretaker for someone I loved. I was writing books. I took up golf, learned about scuba diving and participated in my first triathlon, doing lots of TV work, creating my clothing lines… I was really living life, taking care […]

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  • We can easily fix the shoulder, but...

    We can easily fix the shoulder, but…

    After a simple shoulder x-ray on January 2, 2007, I learned out of nowhere that something else had shown up in my lung. Ten days later we knew what it was: Stage IV kidney cancer that had spread throughout both lungs.

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  • Who are Radiologists?

    Who are Radiologists?

    Your suggested question from a parent to a doctor is “Will a radiologist be involved in my child’s CT scan?” Why is this question important and what kind of answers should a parent expect?

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  • CT Scans and Cancer

    CT Scans and Cancer

    Kindly include other information (facts, figures, stats), which you think is necessary and will benefit readers (mostly parents).

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  • Cancer - Environmentally Linked?

    Cancer – Environmentally Linked?

    My great nephew had a brain tumor. Now, they’ve found a tumor in his sister’s leg behind her knee. They are having their water tested. They also live in a very old house, should they be concerned with old…

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  • qabreast lumps

    Breast Lumps

    Dr. Greene, my 12-year-old son has a sore lump directly under his nipple. Could this be puberty related? This lump is tiny and hard and underneath the skin of the nipple. Thanks for your help!
    Alberta, Canada

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  • Hemihypertrophy and Cancer

    Hemihypertrophy and Cancer

    Is it true that people with hemihypertrophy are more likely to get cancer?

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  • Wilms' Tumor

    Wilms’ Tumor

    Dear Dr. Greene, I was researching through the World Wide Web about cancer of the kidney. My 2-year-old niece in the Philippines is going through chemotherapy. Do you know what causes this, and can you give me more information…

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  • Lymph Nodes

    Lymph Nodes

    Dr. Greene, our 7 month old daughter Elise has had swollen lymph glands in the back of her neck and head for about 3 months. They said that she could be getting over an infection (she has only been…

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  • Strength in the face of breast cancer

    Breast Cancer — A Story of Survival

    A young mother recently called me. She had seen my story on the web and wanted to talk because she hadn’t been able to find another survivor of “her kind” of breast cancer. She needed to connect with someone who could hold out hope for survival. I am happy to say, that I am not […]

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