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  • Taken on Cheryl 50th birthday -- 
 a day she was told she'd never see.

    My Breast Cancer Story: Let’s Start at the End

    On September 8, 2009 I went to my doctor for my annual physical. I’m very diligent about getting my regular checkup because I have a history… On March 22, 1996 I was diagnosed with stage three inflammatory breast cancer and given months to live. This doctor, my gynecologist, has been with me the entire time […]

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  • Gas Stoves, IQ, & ADHD

    Gas Stoves, IQ, & ADHD

      According to a groundbreaking new study, preschoolers with gas appliances in their homes scored lower on cognitive tests and were more likely to have ADHD than their peers. Researchers visited the homes of 482 babies in the first twelve weeks of life to count gas appliances in the homes and to install a device […]

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  • We can easily fix the shoulder, but...

    We can easily fix the shoulder, but…

    After a simple shoulder x-ray on January 2, 2007, I learned out of nowhere that something else had shown up in my lung. Ten days later we knew what it was: Stage IV kidney cancer that had spread throughout both lungs.

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  • What Color is Your Laundry Room?

    What Color is Your Laundry Room?

    We’re thrilled to have been tagged by Molly Pesce at Barnes and Raising Baby Green is one of her top green picks for Earth Week 2008

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  • Blood Pressure in Children

    Blood Pressure in Children

    What’s your three-year-old’s blood pressure? August 2004 guidelines from The National High Blood Pressure Education Program Working Group on Children recommend that blood pressure screening begin at age 3 for all healthy children, and even earlier for those at high risk (such as those who were born early, small, or who are taking medicines that […]

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  • Interviewing Prospective Doctors

    Interviewing Prospective Doctors

    I am currently looking for a doctor and would like to know what types of questions you would suggest that I ask when interviewing prospective doctors?
    Pasadena, California

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