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  • Tasty Creamed Dill Potatoes Recipe

    Tasty Creamed Dill Potatoes Recipe

    Nothing complements the flavor of dill like potatoes. Make this yummy dish for your little ones! CLEAN IT Dirty Dozen Alert: Potatoes – choose Organic please GREEN IT Compost your food scraps (potato peels, discarded dill sprigs, etc.) MAKE IT FUN Have your little one help mash the potatoes as well as help to fold […]

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  • Sweet Tarragon Carrots Recipe

    Sweet Tarragon Carrots Recipe

    Carrots are super sweet when pureed. Adding tarragon, an herb typically used in

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  • Tobacco Smoke and Children

    Tobacco Smoke and Children

    Would you give your child a cigarette to smoke? Most would consider this question ludicrous. But did you know that when you or others smoke around your child, that’s exactly what is happening? Yes, your child is smoking.

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  • Is Your Car Seat Installed Properly?

    Is Your Car Seat Installed Properly?

    As a child passenger safety technician, I have participated in many car seat inspections and am astonished at the number of seats that are either improperly installed and/or used. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 73% to over 90% of child restraints are misused. In my experience, over 95% of car seats […]

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  • How to Create a Toddler Garden

    How to Create a Toddler Garden

    If you love to garden, chances are you might want to pass that love on to your kids. There are few things more gratifying than planting, tending and harvesting a garden with your children, and then enjoying the fruits of your labor around the family table.

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  • Video: But what about my toddler?!

    Video: But what about my toddler?!

    Do you have a picky eater?  Is dinnertime stressful?  In this video Shane gives you 5 simple steps that will help your tots & older kids eat healthy, nutritious foods.

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  • On Footrests and Eating

    On Footrests and Eating

    There is a saying amongst lactation professionals, which I learned from I was studying to become a Certified Lactation Counselor: “Flex the hips to open the lips.”  The context was learning about baby’s motor skill and problems that arise from lack of baby skill, such as a baby who does not latch on well, poor […]

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  • Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits

    Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits

    What we’ve learned from ongoing nationwide efforts to reduce childhood obesity (and all the other health issues that come along for the ride), is that early prevention is easier than intervention once the unhealthy habits are in place. Parents can begin cultivating healthy eating habits in their children right from the cradle. Establishing a few […]

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  • Healthy Eaters from the Cradle

    Healthy Eaters from the Cradle

    As nearly everyone has heard by now, America is in the midst of an epidemic of childhood obesity that has created a growing health crisis for our kids. According to the Nestle Nutrition Institute’s benchmark Feeding Infant and Toddler Study (FITS), many of our children are eating a poor quality diet too high in calories […]

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  • Pediatric Literacy

    Pediatric Literacy

    About two months ago, my daughter Charlotte came to me with a book in her hand.  She handed it to me, then held open her arms for me to pluck her up on my lap.  And then she began to flip the pages and listen as I read her a story.

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