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  • No More TV?

    No More TV?

    In a startling announcement in August,1999 the American Academy of Pediatrics officially recommended that children under age 2 watch no television at all. They pointed to the importance of face-to-face interactions with parents for child development.

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  • On Her Tippy Toes

    On Her Tippy Toes…

    A mother from Texas inquired “My 20-month-old daughter constantly walks on her tip-toes. Should I be concerned?”

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  • The Truth about Dreams, Nightmares, and Night Terrors

    The Truth about Dreams, Nightmares, and Night Terrors

    Dr. Greene, when does a child start to dream? And at what age do nightmares or night terrors begin?
    Tim Allen – Anchor/Producer – New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

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  • Do Nightmares Have a Purpose?

    Do Nightmares Have a Purpose?

    Do nightmares do anything more than just scare kids? Do they serve any purpose? Do newborns have nightmares?

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  • Fast Facts about Rotaviruses

    Fast Facts about Rotaviruses

    Rotaviruses are the leading cause of both routine vomiting and diarrheal illnesses and of severe, life-threatening diarrhea in every country in the world. Click here to read more about rotaviruses.

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  • Don't use that vaccine!

    Don’t use that vaccine!

    A public health advisory issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics now warns against giving children rotavirus vaccine because it might cause a rare condition called intussusception.

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  • Teething Pain

    Teething Pain

    Dr. Greene, what can I do for the real bad teething times? My little girl did really well with some of her teeth, but she is in a lot of pain now. Wakes up every 2 hours and can…

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  • Infantile Acne

    Infantile Acne

    Dr. Greene, my son is now 17 months and still has a whitehead on his cheek, and he also has blackheads. If he got them from breast-feeding I sure won’t breast-feed the next one. I would really like his…

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  • Milk and Constipation

    Milk and Constipation

    Dr. Greene, our 19-month-old son has seemed to have trouble since his birth. He wouldn’t be miserable all the time, just a good portion of the time. At 1 year, he was introduced to cow’s milk. Before this time,…

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  • Gender Identity

    Gender Identity

    Dr. Greene, my little boy likes playing with dolls. In fact he wants a Barbie for his birthday. My husband is very upset about this. Is he okay? What should we do?
    Talia – New York

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