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  • Two year old boy playing in a cardboard box on a green lawn

    Channeling Energy into Fun with 2 Year Olds

    Oh the 2 year old!  2 year olds are so full of passion that their reputation precedes them.  But when all that curious energy is channeled toward play, the results can be magically fun. Finding activities for 2 year olds that captivate isn’t as hard as you might think.  They are easily engaged in simple discovery if […]

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  • Parenting Advice from a Non-Parent

    Parenting Advice from a Non-Parent

    As a pediatric resident, I have families come into clinic on a daily basis with questions about parenting.  How do I discipline my child?  How do I get them to eat their vegetables?  How do I get them to stay in their own bed at night?   My question is: where does it say in the […]

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  • Tantrums

    Tantrums: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Temper tantrums, Emotional storms Introduction to tantrums: When your child kicks and screams at not getting his way, the outburst often seems to come at the least opportune times: during grocery shopping, when you’re on the phone, when you’re trying to get out the door, trying to make dinner, or at a family […]

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  • Toddler rage

    Temper Tantrums

    My 25 month-old son throws temper tantrums at the worst possible times, like in the grocery store (which happened to me yesterday). What do I do? I’m so embarrassed!

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  • Terrible Twos

    Terrible Twos

    My 19-month-old son has always been a good boy and has done whatever I asked him to do. Recently he started refusing to do anything I ask of him. He has started crying and hitting me even when I…

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  • Biting


    Although not an illness, I am quite bothered by my 19 month old boy’s habit of biting. I am particularly concerned with this when he is around other children. I cannot turn my back for a second and he…

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  • Tips for Weaning your Child from a Bedtime Bottle

    Tips for Weaning your Child from a Bedtime Bottle

    When a toddler or preschooler is still using a bottle to go to sleep, there are two patterns that must be overcome. First, she has chosen the bottle as her special comfort object to help her with the transition from a wakeful state to a sleep state. Secondly, this choice has become a deeply ingrained […]

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  • Tips for Potty Training

    Tips for Potty Training

    Most children are ready to tackle the challenge of potty use somewhere between age 2 and shortly after their third birthday, with boys generally at the latter end of this range. Letting you know when their diapers are dirty is an early sign of readiness. When they start to let you know just before they […]

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