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  • Obesity: The Yogurt Solution

    Obesity: The Yogurt Solution

    In an effort to stay slim, many teenage girls forgo dairy products in favor of diet sodas. Ironically, research shows that calcium is important for maintaining ideal weight. Nonfat yogurt or milk may be better for the waistline as well as for the bones.

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  • Iron Needs Missed in Millions

    Iron Needs Missed in Millions

    Iron deficiency in toddlers, preschool children, and teenage girls is still all too common in the US. Healthy People 2010 is a program that has set an achievable target of dropping iron deficiency rates to 5 percent, 1 percent, and 7 percent respectively in these age groups during the current decade. Where do we stand […]

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  • The Lunch of Champions?

    The Lunch of Champions?

    No, once again, breakfast emerges as the most important meal for parents to focus on with their kids. Many children (and adults) still skip breakfast.

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  • Helping Kids Eat Smart

    Helping Kids Eat Smart

    Encourage your children’s teachers to teach the class at least a little about good nutrition at the beginning of each year. If eating well is confirmed by this outside authority and is tied in with success at school, it will help.

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  • Healthy Eating, Part IV - Motivators for school age children and adolescents

    Healthy Eating, Part IV – Motivators for school age children and adolescents

    During school years, the phenomenon of peer pressure begins to become a very powerful force. Children see what’s packed in each other’s lunches. And, yes, it’s not unusual for your darling to trade the apple for potato chips or the carrot for a candy bar. If they don’t bring their own lunches, the choices available […]

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