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  • Time to Talk about Teen Suicide

    Time to Talk about Teen Suicide

    Sadly, it’s time to talk about teen suicide again.Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in our young people 15-24; approximately 4,000 Americans in this age group died of their own actions last year and a much greater number suffered a range of consequences from suicide attempts. More than 32,000 Americans of all ages […]

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  • When I Was Your Age

    When I Was Your Age…

    How do our children’s experiences compare to our own experiences at the same age? The 2008 Duke University Child Well-Being Index compared high school seniors from 1975-1977 to seniors 28 years later (an average of one generation apart).

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  • Teens and Tragedy

    Teens and Tragedy

    You may have been hearing the many warnings about exposing young children to too much of the televised re-tellings of the tragedy. Teenagers, though, are at a different point in their lives. While some may be uninterested in the news, others will want to be glued to the TV, eager for each fresh detail as […]

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  • Eating Disorders in Teens

    Eating Disorders in Teens

    Nearly one sixth of high school boys and one third of high school girls show some of the symptoms of an eating disorder, according to a presentation at the 2001 annual meeting of The Society for Adolescent Medicine.

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  • Ecstasy Use in Children Doubles

    Ecstasy Use in Children Doubles

    Teenage marijuana use has decreased slightly for three years running (after peaking at 44% who had used the drug at least once in 1997). According to the 2000 annual report of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, 40% of today’s 7-12 graders reported using marijuana at least once, and 21% have used it in the […]

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  • Ritalin now, drug abuse later?

    Ritalin now, drug abuse later?

    As parents, we want our children to navigate through the teen years without abusing alcohol or drugs. Many are concerned that children with ADHD who take stimulant medications such as Ritalin might be predisposed to drug abuse later.

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