Stress & Anxiety Related Articles & Blog Posts

  • Stress and Environmental Toxins

    Stress and Environmental Toxins

    Of course reducing toxic exposures is an important way to reduce risks from unhealthy chemicals, but a growing body of research suggests paying attention to positive habits – such as good food, healthy sleep and active play can often reduce or even eliminate harm when exposed. An update on this emerging field of research appeared […]

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  • Tips to Reduce Colic

    Tips to Reduce Colic

    Colic can be very distressing both for babies and their parents. Parents often feel their baby’s screaming is an indictment of their parenting ability: there’s something wrong with me; there’s something wrong with my milk; or there’s something wrong with my baby! It’s no wonder that so many feel frustrated, exhausted, guilty, angry, or helpless. […]

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  • Sleep When the Baby Sleeps!

    Sleep When the Baby Sleeps!

    You may be more exhausted than you have ever been. Whenever people are sleep deprived they are more subject to swings of emotion and to feelings of inadequacy. This, by itself, is enough to cause a blue period (ask any practicing pediatrician).

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  • Stress, Asthma, and 6 Weeks Later!

    Stress, Asthma, and 6 Weeks Later!

    Bouts of asthma come and go, brought on by various triggers. How might stressful life events affect asthma attacks? To find out, researchers tracked the frequency and severity of asthma attacks in school-aged children at a specialist asthma clinic at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow. None of the children in the study […]

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  • Help for OCD

    Help for OCD

    At moments of stress, such as getting ready for bed or for school, some kids feel the need to touch certain objects, say certain words, or to wash and wash their hands. Some children have an overwhelming desire for sameness. For some, their thoughts keep returning to lurking fears, such as something bad is about […]

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  • Frightened Woman in Bed

    Stress Related Insomnia

    My 13 year old daughter has developed a fear of not being able to go to sleep. This problem started after she was forced to go to sleep without light as a result of Hurricane Fran’s assault on our…

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