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  • Sleep Terrors, Sleepwalking and Bedwetting: The Effect of Naps

    Sleep Terrors, Sleepwalking and Bedwetting: The Effect of Naps

    Sleep terrors, sleepwalking, and bedwetting all fit into the category of “partial-arousal parasomnias”. Although there is a genetic predisposition to each of these conditions, a report at the 2001 annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies suggests that some children with these conditions respond dramatically to a small increase in total sleep time –sometimes […]

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  • The Most Common Form of Bed-Wetting!

    The Most Common Form of Bed-Wetting!

    Children who can control their bladders during the day, but who have never been dry at night for at least a six-month period, have what is medically known as primary nocturnal enuresis (PNE), the most common form of bed-wetting. Over five million school-age children in the US alone have PNE.

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  • Bad Breath and Children

    Bad Breath and Children

    Most kids would go out of their way to avoid eating garlic or onions, yet it is not unusual for a child to wake up with very smelly breath. Throughout the day, a child’s saliva, swished around by the mouth muscles, washes away unwanted debris.

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  • Smoking, Snoring and ADHD?

    Smoking, Snoring and ADHD?

    Snoring is fairly common among school-age children, but it is more than twice as common among children with attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to information presented at the May 2001 meeting of the American Thoracic Society.

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  • Do Toddlers Need Naps


    Do toddlers need naps?

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  • Sleep Disorders

    Sleep Disorders in Infants and Toddlers

    My son is almost 2.5 and he has always been a poor sleeper. He goes to sleep (for naps and at night) just fine, but he often wakes in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep….

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  • Tired Parents

    Tired Parents

    Parents suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome are often made to feel as if it is all in their heads. Family, friends, co-workers, employers, and even health care providers seem to believe that those with chronic fatigue syndrome are just not handling stress well.

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  • School Start Times

    School Start Times

    In most school districts across the United States, the buses begin rounding up high school students very early in the morning and then make a later trip for the start of elementary school.

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  • Could SIDS Be Contagious?

    Could SIDS Be Contagious?

    Doctors first scoffed at the now-accepted idea that ulcers were often caused — not by excess acids — but by infections with the bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. Now evidence suggests that infection with this same bacteria may also be responsible for many cases of sudden infant death syndrome.

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  • Ear Infections and Pacifier Use

    Ear Infections and Pacifier Use

    We’ve known now for several years that discontinuing the use of a pacifier can reduce ear infections in children. A study published in the September 2000 issue of Pediatrics looked at the effect of simply having nurses give a leaflet to parents about the side effects of pacifier use and also instructing them to limit […]

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