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  • Peacefully Sleeping Toddler

    You Are What You Sleep

    How your children sleep may change their body composition – their lean body mass, total body fat, abdominal fat, and waist and hip circumference. A fascinating new study showed tight links between kids’ not getting enough sleep as babies, toddlers, and preschoolers and becoming obese by age 7. Researchers at Harvard’s Mass General Hospital followed […]

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  • I Was Wrong About the Environment

    I Was Wrong about the Environment

    Time and again the magic begins the same way. Sperm and egg come together to create an absolutely unique cell. Then this cell divides to create two identical cells., These cells divide, and divide again, and divide again. At first all the cells are the same, but something changes. Soon the cells become different from […]

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  • email-13-featured

    Two Practical Tips to Help You (and Your Baby) Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

    It’s shocking how little sleep most people get. It’s the trend in today’s busy, electronic, always-on culture. It’s almost a badge of honor. But it’s not healthy for anyone. For many parents, especially new parents the night-after-night routine of 2 a.m. (and 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.) wakings goes from “missing a little sleep” to […]

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  • Dr. Alan Greene explains how to solve night terrors in children

    Solving night terrors lickety-split

    We’ve come upon a great solution for night terrors in my house (OK, my wife actually came up with it :) that worked with our son and thousands of others. If you’ve ever run in to this with your child, you’ve probably noticed that your kids are stuck in a state of unfamiliarity, making it […]

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  • Dr. Alan Greene discusses teaching your child to sleep alone

    The “Free Pass”: Getting your child to sleep in their own room

    At 3am a triangle of light slices the darkness in two, and a child’s tired, raspy voice whispers “Mom? Moooooom?” It’s now that you realize, this will not be the night of restful sleep you’ve been fantasizing about since your water broke. Many parents find it tough to send their kids back to their own […]

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  • Dr. Greene discusses how to solve your toddler's sleep problems

    Why toddlers have sleep issues, and how to solve them

    As your baby becomes a toddler, chances are they will give you some sleepless nights. In this week’s post I’ve got your solution. But first a little fun fact. Strange but true: whether or not your toddler awakens you, each night you’re almost certainly waking up about every hour or so – nearly everybody does. […]

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  • Touch is as Important to Infant Health as Eating and Sleeping

    Touch is as Important to Infant Health as Eating and Sleeping

    Baby massage may seem superfluous or silly to some people, but it’s popularity is growing in the U.S. and it has actually been practiced for centuries in many cultures around the world. But, does it have any significant health benefits? You might be surprised at how much it does. In fact, touch plays a much […]

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  • Brace yourself …. Another evening of “Battling the Bedtime!”

    Brace yourself …. Another evening of “Battling the Bedtime!”

    Countless homes in America face this every evening with their children.  How often have heard the frustrated cry of parents everywhere?  “My children just hate going to bed”  “It’s a battle every night and we are exhausted!”Have a conversation with your child as to why they don’t like bedtime.  

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  • What Are Budget-Friendly, Safer Bed & Bedding Options? Part 2

    What Are Budget-Friendly, Safer Bed & Bedding Options? Part 2

    CRIB/BED FRAME Cribs and bed frames are often made of pressed wood or particleboard. These engineered wood products and their finishes can contain formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Formaldehyde was recently classified as a known human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program (an arm of the US Department of Health and Human Services).  VOCs […]

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  • What Are Budget-Friendly, Safer Bed & Bedding Options? Part 1

    What Are Budget-Friendly, Safer Bed & Bedding Options? Part 1

    At Healthy Child Healthy World, we get asked almost weekly about how to find safer mattresses on a budget. And, it’s no wonder when you look at the premium prices on organic and eco-friendly options. Sticker shock is amplified to sticker stupor.

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