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  • Keratosis Pilaris

    Keratosis Pilaris

    Dr. Greene, my 4-year-old son has this rash on the backs of his arms that looks like a dry form of goosebumps. It never goes away and is skin color or light pink. I have had the same rash…

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  • What is Keratosis Palaris

    What is Keratosis Pilaris?

    What’s keratosis pilaris?

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  • Mosquito Bites

    Mosquito Bites

    Dr. Greene, my 8-year-old daughter has had a problem with mosquito bites for as long as I can remember. Our physician hasn’t had any answers or treatment ideas (rather than to stay indoors). When Lauren is first bitten the…

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  • Ringworm Treatment

    Ringworm Treatment

    Dr. Greene, my little sister has a ring worm, whatever that is, on her leg right underneath her buttocks. We took her to the doctors and they said to use Tinactin cream. Does this sound right?? I’ve never heard…

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  • What Are Mongolian Spots

    What are Mongolian Spots?

    My daughter was born with a birthmark on her buttocks. The doctor said it is called a “Mongolian spot”. Could you provide information on Mongolian spots, such as what causes them and how parents can deal with them? Thank…

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  • Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

    Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

    My neighbors’ 9-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with a condition called Henoch-Schonlein purpura. This apparently followed a viral infection. She is under the care of a physician and this was diagnosed by a biopsy. I have done several searches…

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  • How to Treat Scabbies

    How to Treat Scabies

    My 9 year old granddaughter has contracted scabies. What is the appropriate medication to use for this problem? It is spreading all over her body.
    Wanda – Ojai, California

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  • 200367883-001

    Accutane for Acne

    My son requires treatment for his acne condition. His type of acne is just like mine, the type you get under the skin like boils. He has told me he is going to go on Accutane. He was pre-tested…

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  • Treating Scalp Scales

    Treating Scalp Scales

    My little girl is severely disabled and it is VERY difficult to get her hair washed. She requires 24 hour care by a LVN or myself. She is orally/nasally suctioned every 1-5 minutes for very large amount of continuous…

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  • Treating Nail Fungus

    Treating Nail Fungus

    How do you treat nail fungus?

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