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  • Cool summer salad of ancient grains, pine nuts, and veggies make a delicious, nutritious  side dish

    Mediterranean Quinoa Recipe

    Cook nutrient-dense quinoa until it’s light and fluffy, dress it with lemon juice and olive oil and then add these Mediterranean treasures: fresh mint and parsley, toasted pine nuts, feta cheese. Recipe reprinted with permission from Feeding the Whole Family (third edition) by Cynthia Lair (Sasquatch Books, 2008). Inspired by a recipe by a student […]

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  • Tasty Creamed Dill Potatoes Recipe

    Tasty Creamed Dill Potatoes Recipe

    Nothing complements the flavor of dill like potatoes. Make this yummy dish for your little ones! CLEAN IT Dirty Dozen Alert: Potatoes – choose Organic please GREEN IT Compost your food scraps (potato peels, discarded dill sprigs, etc.) MAKE IT FUN Have your little one help mash the potatoes as well as help to fold […]

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  • Japanese Green Beans Recipe

    Japanese Green Beans Recipe

    This dish couldn’t be easier to make, and you’ll love the taste of the buckwheat Japanese Soba Noodle. Soba is protein rich, making this a balanced meal for baby.

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  • Ratatouille French Vegetable Medley Recipe

    Ratatouille French Vegetable Medley Recipe

    Where better to begin your baby’s culinary exploration than in France with this classic medley of fresh vegetables and seasonings? French cooking made simple for your entire family! Bon apetit, bebe!

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  • Sweet Tarragon Carrots Recipe

    Sweet Tarragon Carrots Recipe

    Carrots are super sweet when pureed. Adding tarragon, an herb typically used in

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  • Three-Color Potato Salad Recipe

    Three-Color Potato Salad Recipe

    There are different types of new potatoes, and this recipe may be your favorite way to serve them. The salad is a glorious combination of

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  • Flavorful Mushrooms Au Gratin Recipe

    Flavorful Mushrooms Au Gratin Recipe

    If you like mushrooms, add a sour cream mixture and a layer of cheese. You are going to be in food heaven. The trick to getting the most flavor from your mushrooms is to cook them over HIGH heat. You almost want to think of your meaty mushrooms as a nice, juicy steak…put them in […]

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  • Delicious Greek Orzo Recipe

    Delicious Greek Orzo Recipe

    This is a quick, simple, and delicious Greek inspired orzo side dish which pairs wonderfully with chicken. The added spinach, tomatoes, kalamata olives, and red onion to the orzo was

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  • Quick and Tasty Green Beans with Garlic Recipe

    Quick and Tasty Green Beans with Garlic Recipe

    Don’t be intimidated by fresh green beans. “What do I do besides boil them?” Green beans can be given a quick boil, and then sauteed in oil and spices to produce

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  • Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole Recipe

    Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole Recipe

    One of the foundations of many, many casseroles is a can of cream of mushroom soup. Condensed canned soups leave much to be desired in taste and also contain many processed ingredients. If your goal is to cook with real food, but you have recipes in your repertoire that call for cream of mushroom soup, […]

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