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  • The Big Talk

    The Big Talk

    We know that parents communicating with kids about sexuality can have powerful effects: on average it delays the age of first intercourse, increases the chance of contraception if they do have intercourse, and decreases the number of sexual partners – even if the talk doesn’t go as well as parents hoped. The National Institute of […]

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  • Peers Shape Attitudes About Sex

    Peers Shape Attitudes About Sex

    When people think of peer pressure, they usually think of someone being pressured to go against their conscience to engage in unhealthy behavior. That does happen, but peer pressure is far stronger than that: peers’ attitudes powerfully shape your child’s conscience, changing what they think is right or wrong.

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  • First Love - Knowing When to Let Go

    First Love – Knowing When to Let Go

    I’m 16. My boyfriend will not spend any time with me anymore, and it really hurts me because he puts everything in his life before me. I don’t know why he cares so little when he says that he…

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  • Sex Should not Hurt!

    Sex Should not Hurt!

    I am a 17-year-old girl, and I want to know why it hurts so much when my boyfriend and I have sex?

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