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  • When Diabetes Strikes

    When Diabetes Strikes: A Mother and Doctor Shares Her Personal Experience With Childhood Diabetes

    As a pediatric specialist, and mother to a child who was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, I have a deep understanding of how parents strive to do everything they can to help their children. I also appreciate how dealing with a sudden and serious illness can bring on feelings of powerlessness. Many moms […]

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  • Making Sure A Childs Medical Needs Are Met

    Making Sure A Child’s Medical Needs Are Met During School Hours

    One of the hardest things to do as a parent of a child with an illness is to let go of control and have faith that the other adults in their life will take good care of them. This is especially difficult when your child is at school for 8 hours a day. So how […]

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  • From Serious Illness to Playtime

    From Serious Illness to Playtime! Maintaining A Sense of Wonderment After Your Child Falls Ill

    When a child falls ill, they are thrust into an adult world of doctor’s appointments, injections, medications and hospitals. Oftentimes a child struggling with illness doesn’t have enough energy to play – but playtime is an essential part of childhood and is beneficial both physically and mentally – especially when a child is ill. So […]

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  • Your Childs Illness

    Explaining Your Child’s Illness to School Administrators and Classmates

    So your child has been diagnosed with an illness – you’ve helped them learn all there is to know about their treatment and have set up a routine to ensure they are managing their symptoms. But your child still doesn’t completely understand their illness and certainly won’t be able to explain it to their teachers […]

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  • Going Back to School With A Serious Illness

    More Than Just The Sniffles: Going Back to School With A Serious Illness

    Going back to school after 3 long months of beaches, popsicles, fireworks and freedom can be a difficult transition for even the healthiest child but for a child dealing with a new diagnosis, going back to school can seem downright daunting. As a pediatric oncologist and mother to 2 children who’ve had their fair share […]

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  • Pillars of Support

    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 1 – Pillars of Support

    All schools have a support structure that keeps them running efficiently.  I call the support structure the Four Pillars of a School District.  Those pillars are – administration (principals, superintendents, and guidance counselors), students, students’ parents, and teachers. It is very easy to understand how administrators, teachers, and students are part of the support structure […]

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  • Kids in the Kitchen-Joy or Disaster

    Kids in the Kitchen – Joy or Disaster?

    Ok, I will admit that cooking with my kids can be a lot harder at times (most of the time) than cooking by myself. I like to cook.  I find cooking therapeutic. Cooking with kids is not always therapeutic. Really! Sometimes the thought of managing my kids and their inevitable mess is almost enough for […]

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  • Paragraph Writing

    Paragraph Writing: A Creative Way to Build Confidence

    The summertime is a wonderful time to help your child learn how to write sentences and paragraphs, which follow a logical sequence and include interesting details. Children typically need to be encouraged to write. Students who believe they have interesting ideas and can write well generally develop their written language skills at a faster rate. […]

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  • The Grammer Game

    The Grammar Game: Making Learning Fun

    Grammar game time can help students enjoy learning grammar concepts they will use throughout their journey to be educated. Short grammar games can help students master grammar concepts during the summer while they are having fun. Parents, when students, whether they are Dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, struggling, or average students are having fun learning they typically […]

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  • Summer Time Math Practice

    Summer Time + Math Practice = One Prepared Student

    Summertime is an ideal time to reinforce the past grade math concepts and pre-teach upcoming grade math concepts. Dyslexic, ADD, ADHD, struggling or average students can improve their math skills and be more prepared for the next school year by working on math during the summer. As children enjoy summer days, math skills can grow […]

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