Schoolage Sleep Related Articles & Blog Posts

  • Dr. Alan Greene discusses teaching your child to sleep alone

    The “Free Pass”: Getting your child to sleep in their own room

    At 3am a triangle of light slices the darkness in two, and a child’s tired, raspy voice whispers “Mom? Moooooom?” It’s now that you realize, this will not be the night of restful sleep you’ve been fantasizing about since your water broke. Many parents find it tough to send their kids back to their own […]

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  • Secondhand Smoke and Kids’ Sleep

    Secondhand Smoke and Kids’ Sleep

    Who would want to give their children nightmares? Or night terrors? Who wants to make bedtime battles worse? Who would want to make it take longer for their children to fall asleep once they get in bed?  Who wants their kids to sleep worse when they finally do drift off? Who wants their children to […]

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  • How Much Sleep is Needed?

    How Much Sleep is Needed?

    I’m asked almost everyday by some concerned parent whether their child is sleeping enough or too much. That’s not a simple answer and varies from child to child and even from day to day.

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  • Snoring, Memory, Attention, and Learning

    Snoring, Memory, Attention, and Learning

    Would you rather your kindergarten-age child had blood lead levels 3 times the safe limit (like children living next to a lead smelters – double the level of most kids with lead toxicity), or would your rather your child snored? The impact on the brain is about the same, according to a provocative study in […]

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  • Can you leave the light on?

    Can you leave the light on?

    Is it dangerous for kids to sleep with the lights on? Lots of interesting news has been coming out of the 2004 Children with Leukemia conference in London. We’re making great progress in leukemia, but also falling behind. Even though cure rates are climbing, more children are getting leukemia than ever before – especially in […]

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  • When Children Can't Sleep

    When Children Can’t Sleep

    My son is almost three and he’s always been a poor sleeper. He goes to sleep (for naps and at night) just fine, but he often wakes in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep. It…

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