Schoolage Health & Safety Related Articles & Blog Posts

  • Another Newtown is Not Inevitable

    Another Newtown is Not Inevitable

    My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in this horrific tragedy. There are no words that can heal your pain. There is no action that can undo what has been wrongly done to you.

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  • Secondhand Smoke and Kids’ Sleep

    Secondhand Smoke and Kids’ Sleep

    Who would want to give their children nightmares? Or night terrors? Who wants to make bedtime battles worse? Who would want to make it take longer for their children to fall asleep once they get in bed?  Who wants their kids to sleep worse when they finally do drift off? Who wants their children to […]

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  • Cholesterol, Drugs, and Kids

    Cholesterol, Drugs, and Kids

    Controversial new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics call for more children to get their cholesterol checked, starting as young as age 2, and for some kids to be started on statin drugs to lower their cholesterol, starting as young as age 8. I’m glad that the controversy surrounding these guidelines is starting to […]

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  • Superbugs at School (and Preschool)

    Superbugs at School (and Preschool)

    MRSA infections now kill more Americans than does HIV/AIDS, according to a CDC report in the October 17, 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association. Most of these infections are in adults over age 65, but infections with resistant bacteria are on the rise, even among healthy children. The important bacteria for parents to know […]

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