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  • Tampontificating


    Tampons are something that every woman is intimate with, yet most of us rarely think about the materials used to make them. I know I didn’t until Seventh Generation, the company my husband helped start, began selling organic feminine care products a few years ago. That’s when I started reading the labels on tampons and […]

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  • BPA doesn't belong in baby bottles

    BPA doesn’t belong in baby bottles

    Join me in support of California Bill SB 797. My three minute speech at the State Capitol starts 4 minutes into the rally video.  Actress and environmentalist, Amy Smart speaks next.

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  • Gas Stoves, IQ, & ADHD

    Gas Stoves, IQ, & ADHD

      According to a groundbreaking new study, preschoolers with gas appliances in their homes scored lower on cognitive tests and were more likely to have ADHD than their peers. Researchers visited the homes of 482 babies in the first twelve weeks of life to count gas appliances in the homes and to install a device […]

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  • Slips, Trips and Crashes: Handling your Children's Falls

    Slips, Trips and Crashes: Handling your Children’s Falls

    When your little one falls from his bed, crashes his bike or simply runs into the wall during a game of chase, you experience his pain as well as that heart-racing panic feeling that you try to suppress. You rush to pick him up and hold him close as you wait for the first shriek […]

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  • Do-It-Yourself Recipes for Natural Cleaning

    Do-It-Yourself Recipes for Natural Cleaning

    Ready to make your own non-toxic cleaning products that are good for your family and the environment? Here are four recipes for success.

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  • Eight Natural, Do-It-Yourself, Household Cleaners

    Eight Natural, Do-It-Yourself, Household Cleaners

    It’s easier than you think to cut down on the toxic chemicals in your home. Here are eight common, non-toxic ingredients for natural, do-it-yourself, cleaning products that are good for your family and the environment.

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  • Earth-Friendly Household Cleansers

    Earth-Friendly Household Cleansers

    Keep your home clean and fresh, your baby safe, and the planet a little greener by using cleaners free of chemicals, solvents, dyes, and fragrances. Look for products that are labeled nontoxic, chlorine and phosphate free, and that are biodegradable, such as those made by these companies:

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  • Teaching Your Children about Fire Safety

    Teaching Your Children about Fire Safety

    Burns and fires are the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury deaths. About 75% of the deaths occur in house fires, most of which are caused by cigarettes (followed by heating equipment – especially portable heaters).  Children and the elderly are the most likely to die.  Elevated blood alcohol levels are found in half of […]

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  • Falling Down: Older Children

    Falling Down: Older Children

    For the population as a whole, falls are the most common cause of unintentional injuries requiring medical care, the leading cause of hospital admissions for trauma, and the second leading cause (after motor vehicle collisions) of unintentional-injury-related deaths.

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  • Big Heads & Baby Falls

    Big Heads & Baby Falls

    Falling Down: Infants and Small Children Most parents are surprised at the ease with which small children can fall from beds, changing tables, and high chairs.  Even before they can roll over, they have a remarkable knack for propelling themselves off an elevated surface to land, thud, on the floor.  Cats land on their feet.  […]

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