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  • Bidis and Clove Cigarettes

    Bidis and Clove Cigarettes

    Bidi cigarettes, sometimes called kretek or clove cigarettes (although the different names have their own specific meanings), have increased in popularity more than 400% in the last few years. In my area, 58% of high school students have experimented with them. Marketed as a safe, natural alternative, they cost about half as much as regular […]

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  • Cotton Swabs and Ear Performations

    Cotton Swabs and Ear Performations

    I heard from a reader about an extremely common practice that most of us have been warned never to do: My wife was cleaning our three-year old daughter’s ear with a cotton swab. She turned into the swab causing it to penetrate her ear causing bleeding. How severe can this be? She doesn’t seem to […]

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  • Ecstasy Use in Children Doubles

    Ecstasy Use in Children Doubles

    Teenage marijuana use has decreased slightly for three years running (after peaking at 44% who had used the drug at least once in 1997). According to the 2000 annual report of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, 40% of today’s 7-12 graders reported using marijuana at least once, and 21% have used it in the […]

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  • Chicken Pox Vaccine

    Chicken Pox Vaccine

    No matter how much is known about a vaccine before it is licensed for routine use, after it has been used in millions of people it is possible to discover side effects that are too subtle or too rare to show up in pre-license testing. The November 2000 issue of Infectious Diseases in Children reviewed […]

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  • Pediatric Trauma Centers for Children

    Pediatric Trauma Centers for Children

    Even the best trauma centers may not be best for children. A study in the August 2000 issue of the Journal of Trauma found that injured children have significantly higher survival rates (more than twice as high!!!) when treated at pediatric trauma centers rather than at adult level I trauma centers (the most comprehensive trauma […]

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  • Windows 99: A Source of Pediatric Trauma in the Suburbs

    Windows 99: A Source of Pediatric Trauma in the Suburbs

    Falls from windows are a known, common cause of injuries to children who live in cities, but nobody had really tracked this injury outside the urban setting — until a 1study published September 2000. Of over 2000 children admitted to a suburban trauma center, more than 40% of the admissions were from falls, and 11% […]

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  • Check the Ingredients!

    Check the Ingredients!

    It’s easy for the eyes to glaze over when looking at the long words listed in the ingredients of cough and cold medications. Learning to recognize a few words, though, is an important skill to learn (and not that difficult). It may save your life.

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  • Dangers of Parental Smoking

    Dangers of Parental Smoking

    A study in the August 2000 issue of the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that parents who smoke increase the risk of meningococcal meningitis for their children by about 200% for every 20 cigarettes smoked at home on an average day (220% if the mother smokes, 170% if only the father smokes).

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  • Booster Seats

    Booster Seats

    The August 2000 electronic issue of Pediatrics contains a study that looked at how many kids age 4 to 9 years use booster seats in cars (only 27.7% — only 10% by age 6). The authors asked the parents about their reasons for not using booster seats, and the number one answer was that they […]

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  • Sports and Head Injuries

    Sports and Head Injuries

    We know that repeated head injuries can lead to long-term neurologic damage. What happens when kids play football or hockey?

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