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  • Online Identity

    Understanding Teens, Privacy, and Online Identity

    Today’s teens are easily the most private and reputation-focused of the age groups. Try getting a sixteen year old to explain their day as more than “fine” – it’s about as challenging as convincing them to leave for school in the fifth outfit they’ve tried on. So why is it that as soon as a […]

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  • Talking to Kids about the Basics

    Online Safety, Security, and Privacy: Talking to Kids about the Basics

    Cross the road without looking and you might get hit by a car. Touch a hot stove and it might really hurt. Kids are taught the basics of common sense early. But are we teaching them to apply the same common sense and critical thinking skills when they get online? Just as in the real […]

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  • Hooked On Cyber-Life

    Hooked On Cyber-Life: When Screen Time Replaces Family Time

    Digital addiction. I always hear about how parents believe their kids or teens are addicted to the Internet and especially their cell phones. The word addiction is usually related to substance abuse, however within today’s tech world, we are hearing more and more about “Internet addiction.” Internet addiction can include a wide variety of behaviors […]

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  • Being a Social Media Role Model and Mentor

    Being a Social Media Role Model and Mentor

    I often talk about parents and their part in leading by example, both online and off. Children are very impressionable and will often mimic their parents’ habits—good and bad. Since online behavior has real world effects, parents must focus on demonstrating respectful digital citizenship to their children. Parents used to just puzzle over their teens’ […]

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  • No Rewind Button on the Internet

    There Is No Rewind Button on the Internet: Pause to Think Before You Post

    What you share is as important as how you share it. Over sharing is an area that both kids and adults can be guilty of. It is important to understand what is appropriate and what crosses the line, digitally speaking. A good challenge that is often heard is the Grandma Rule: “If it is something […]

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  • Making the World-Wide-Web Your Friend

    Making the World-Wide-Web Your Friend

    Building a positive online reputation (digital footprint) should be a requirement of owning a computer. Every keystroke counts. It is as simple as that. There will come a time when just about everything we do in life is recorded and we won’t have to go any further than our screen (whether it is a tablet, […]

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  • Smile You Are On the World-Wide-Web

    Smile, You Are On the World-Wide-Web

    Yes, within seconds your life can go viral. A simple click of a mouse or tap of a keypad and your digital world is soaring through cyberspace. The Internet is one of the greatest educational tools yet at the same time we can also say it is not always accurate. Internet fact verses Internet fiction—Yes, […]

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  • 200285795-001

    Is Your Child Trying to Tell You Something?

    Children don’t usually tell us how they are feeling in a direct way especially about their worries. Instead, they say things out of context, give clues, and as they get older, test the waters to see how a topic might be received. This means we have to listen extra carefully and inquire, even when the […]

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  • Father and daughter

    Seizing Teachable Moments to Reinforce Body Safety

    Parents often ask me how to talk with children about sexual abuse prevention without scaring them. I recommend teaching kids prevention through body safety. Children provide us with teachable moments each and every day for reinforcing body-safety concepts in an age-appropriate, non-threatening way. Just think about all the questions kids ask from “How does the […]

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  • That's a Funny Book

    How Is Your Child’s School Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse?

    While summer is in full swing, children will be starting or returning to school in no time. If you have not had a chance to screen your child’s school, preschool, daycare, or activity program for child sexual abuse prevention, there’s no time like the present. We recommend inviting both the school director and teachers onto […]

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