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  • Confusional Arousal

    Confusional Arousal

    A confusional arousal begins with the child moaning and moving about. It progresses quickly to the child crying out and thrashing wildly. The eyes may be open or closed, and perspiration is common. The child will look confused, upset, or even “possessed” (a description volunteered by many parents). Even if the child does call out […]

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  • Child Blood Pressure

    Child Blood Pressure

    At her kindergarten physical my daughter had her blood pressure checked. I think it was the first time. Wherever I look on the Internet, I find adult blood pressure readings. What is a normal blood pressure in a 5-year-…

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  • Confusional Arousal and Potty Training

    Confusional Arousal and Potty Training

    My youngest son was having a confusional arousal, and his mother observed that these events are most common at the same ages that children are becoming aware of the bladder feeling full during sleep. Perhaps these kids just need to go to the bathroom.

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  • Balloons Cause More Childhood Deaths Than Any Other Toy!

    Balloons Cause More Childhood Deaths Than Any Other Toy!

    That’s right. Balloons! This shocking fact was established by a study conducted by Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh in conjunction with DuPont Institute and Inchcape Testing Services Risk Analysis and Management.

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  • Children with Asthma Miss Out

    Children with Asthma Miss Out

    We know what to do, but we are not doing it! Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs. Inflammation can cause ongoing damage. Albuterol helps children breath better for the moment, but does nothing to treat the inflammation.

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  • Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?

    Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?

    Rates of diagnosing ADHD in some school and medical settings are still 300% higher than in others, according to an article in the March 2001 electronic issue of Pediatrics. Some children are labeled as having ADHD when they don’t really have it. Other children who do have ADHD, and who would really benefit from treatment, […]

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  • Thumb Sucking

    Thumb Sucking

    Dr. Greene, I have a 3 year old that has never sucked her thumb until about 6 months ago. Now she does it mostly when she is tired. I have seen 6 & 7 year olds sucking their thumb…

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  • Chicken Pox Vaccine

    Chicken Pox Vaccine

    No matter how much is known about a vaccine before it is licensed for routine use, after it has been used in millions of people it is possible to discover side effects that are too subtle or too rare to show up in pre-license testing. The November 2000 issue of Infectious Diseases in Children reviewed […]

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  • Diet Influences Asthma Risk

    Diet Influences Asthma Risk

    Kids’ changing diets may be, in part, responsible for the worldwide increase in asthma. A study published in the September 2000 issue of Thorax looked at the demographics and skin test results of children with and without asthma. They found that the more vegetables, fiber, and other nutrients (including vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium) consumed […]

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  • Dangers of Parental Smoking

    Dangers of Parental Smoking

    A study in the August 2000 issue of the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that parents who smoke increase the risk of meningococcal meningitis for their children by about 200% for every 20 cigarettes smoked at home on an average day (220% if the mother smokes, 170% if only the father smokes).

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