Preschool Nutrition Related Articles & Blog Posts

  • Three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

    Back to School Sticky Situation #3: Junk Food Fundraisers

      What will you do if the PTA asks you to support a cookie dough fundraiser?  Will you send your child out to hit up family and friends to buy junk food in communities already suffering from diet-related disease?  Are unhealthy foods magically transformed when they are sold for a good cause? These are some […]

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  • Large plastic bottles of red punch.

    Back to School Sticky Situation #2: Class Party Sugar Overload

      What will you do if you’re asked to bring sugary drinks to a class party already overloaded with cake, cookies and candy?  This is another sticky situation I’ve encountered and had to decide between sticking up for kids’ health or just going with the flow.  Knowing the research about how sugary drinks are connected […]

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  • School class-photo with the kids horsing around.

    Solutions for Sticky Back to School Situations

      Hard to believe it’s time for another back to school post.  Last year I wrote about my top five tips for a healthy start to the school year. I recommended parents: 1)     Get familiar with the school and district wellness policies 2)    Shift away from using food as a reward and taking away physical […]

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  • Brainy-Breakfast

    Brainy Breakfast

    Kids go through different motivational stages. Right now my kids are into things that makes them feel smart or strong and that includes food. For example, if I put something like roast carrots on their plates and they linger uneaten, all I have to say is, “they’ll help you see better,” and they’re gobbled up […]

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  • Breakfast Quesadilla

    Breakfast Quesadilla

    This week we’re going to talk about breakfast. We all know it’s important, but some times it just sneaks up on us. You would think that for someone who cooks as much as I do, I would have a fridge full of food 24/7. Although I do try and keep my larder well stocked, there […]

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  • Food Allergies A Bigger Problem Than Previously Reported

    Food Allergies A Bigger Problem Than Previously Reported

    If it seems like nowadays there’s someone in every school classrooms with a food allergy, that’s because almost 1 in 12 kids today have food allergies – and 1 in 32 have serious food allergies, serious enough to have already caused the child to have symptoms like trouble breathing, a drop in blood pressure, or […]

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  • Learning Junk Food in School: Advertising to Kids

    Learning Junk Food in School: Advertising to Kids

    Some of our children’s food choices are made at home – but as they grow, many are made in childcare or at school. We need our schools and daycare centers to be working with us, not against us in teaching children to enjoy healthy amounts of good food, cultivating Nutritional Intelligence. About half of all […]

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  • Why Kiddie Meals are a Bad Idea

    Why Kiddie Meals are a Bad Idea

    The only special treatment my young children get when we walk into a restaurant are the crayons and kiddie menu to doodle on. Why in the world would we punish them with chicken nuggets, hot dog, a reheated pizza, or whatnot, when they can be enjoying the fine Italian/Thai/French/Vietnamese/Californian cuisine that the adults are having?

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  • Helping Healthy Food Compete with Fast Food

    Helping Healthy Food Compete with Fast Food

    Any parent who has ever seen the reaction of a 3-year-old to the idea of heading to McDonald’s for lunch won’t be surprised by the results of a recent study reported in the journal of Psychology and Marketing. Researchers discovered that children as young as 3 could not only recognize brands but also associated strong […]

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  • Preschool French Fries and Breast Cancer

    Preschool French Fries and Breast Cancer

    The more servings of French fries that women had eaten way back when they were preschoolers, the more likely they were to develop breast cancer as adults, according to a Harvard study in the August 10, 2005 online International Journal of Cancer.

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