Preschool Fun & Play Related Articles & Blog Posts

  • Close up of a girl wearing colorful loom bracelets.

    Fun Ideas for After School Play!

    Older kids shouldn’t be left out of play.  In fact, one of the benefits of having older children is that they often like to play the same things I do!  We love a good, competitive board game or a rousing 4-Square championship on the driveway. Elementary activities mirror some of my favorite ways to pass the […]

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  • A variety of colorful pom-poms

    Playful Activities for Preschoolers

    Preschool is all about learning through play.  The learning activities aren’t just about school skills, but also life skills.  These same playful learning ideas can be used at home. Finding activities for preschoolers is easier when you think about any activity as a simple game that may or may not have traditional rules!  At this age, kids […]

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  • My Imaginary Spoon

    My Imaginary Spoon

    I adore pumpkin pie. If I could have it my way, I would clean off an entire pie myself! Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I look forward to that first bite of creamy, pumpkin pie. But in the meantime, for the sake of my health (mostly my waistline!), I use the imaginary spoon and pretend to […]

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  • 5 Tips for Making Technology Safe and Fun for Kids

    5 Tips for Making Technology Safe and Fun for Kids

    Technology has permanently and irrevocably invaded kids’ lives — smartphones, tablets, portable media players, computers and connected video game systems fill there lives. Happily for today’s family, it can be an immensely rewarding and uplifting part of life as long as parents and children observe a few simple rules.

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  • The Ageless Possibilities of Imagination

    The Ageless Possibilities of Imagination

    Walt Disney called it “Imagineering” and made imagining fun for all ages! Young children make sense of the world through play and by using their imaginations.  They learn social and emotional skills through play and interaction with their peers and with adults.

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  • 3 Simple Ideas for Nurturing Your Child’s Independence

    3 Simple Ideas for Nurturing Your Child’s Independence

    If you have a toddler, you’ve likely heard this phrase many times before: “Mommy, I do it.” They are four simple words that can be the start of a thrilling moment of development or the prelude to a power struggle. Throughout their lives, our kids want and need our support, but they also need to […]

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  • Celebrating Good Health with Hearts N’Parks

    Celebrating Good Health with Hearts N’Parks

    A summer festival in the park, splashing, swimming, enjoying new outdoor games, and old favorites… Dancing, biking, bouncing, jumping rope, roller-skating, playing volleyball or tennis or soccer…A festive tent, the aroma of a delicious picnic as participants learn how to grill low-fat foods… I’d like to introduce you to Hearts N’Parks, an exciting program now […]

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  • Your Child’s Brain

    Your Child’s Brain

    March 10 to 16 is Brain Awareness Week. One important way to take care of your child’s brain is to protect it from injury. Thankfully, wearing helmets has become common and cool while riding bikes. I hope helmets become just as natural during other fun activities, such as skateboarding, scootering, horseback riding, ATV or dirtbike […]

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  • Roller Coasters, Amusement Parks, Injuries, and Neurologic Damage

    Roller Coasters, Amusement Parks, Injuries, and Neurologic Damage

    Roller coasters are fun! Nevertheless, a study in the January 2002 issue of the Annals of Emergency Medicine reported a disturbing trend in the rate of thrill ride injuries.

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